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Microsoft first introduced the Xbox on November 15, 2001. This was Microsoft’s first entry into the gaming arena after having trying to incorporate the CE windows operating system into the Sega Dreamcast system.

Everyone knows that Bill Gates is the richest man in the world and when he sets his mind and his massive financial muscle to new software or hardware it is sure to be the best.

The Xbox has drawn literally hundreds of thousands of fans with titles such as Halo, Dead or Alive three and the ever-popular sports titles such as the Madden football series.

One of the amazing features of the Xbox is the fact it is built around computer hardware that currently exists. Did you know for instance that the processor speed in the Xbox is clocked at over seven hundred megahertz and that it comes with sixty-four megabytes of random access memory and a 10/100 Ethernet card?

A primary goal of the Xbox was to capitalize on the growing number of online gamers. This is a key reason for including a broadband card already built in. Microsoft has been offering subscription services for its Xbox owners that will allow multiple people to play a game either as a team or against each other. It is Microsoft’s goal not only to bring the Xbox to the masses but also to gain another valuable revenue stream by providing monthly services with their Xbox live subscription based service.

One of the downsides of the Xbox games live service is that it is only compatible with a broadband connection - meaning no one on dialup can participate. Even with this limitation, Microsoft claims that as of late 2004 they have signed up over one million users. This fact raises the eyebrows of some people in the gaming industry as public filings show the Xbox division of Microsoft has not made a profit in the first three years of operation. Microsoft tried in vain to add additional features such as music and the ability to play DVD’s. However, it seems the big brass at MS had reconsidered as they will be releasing an Xbox replacement for Christmas in 2005.