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Sports Equipment

The first sports equipment can be traced all the way back to the first Olympics. For this article we will cover a few of the various sports equipment used by the first Olympians.

The Greeks put as much weight in scoring on the grace, rhythm and accuracy of the discus thrower as his strength. This was a precursor to judging form as in today’s Olympics. The Discus was shaped like a saucer and made of lead, iron, or stone. Depending on how large the competitor was would determine the size of the discus they competed with. For instance a full gown man would throw a larger discus then someone in the boys division. This is considered to be one of the first forms of sports handicapping in written record.
The Javelin was the height of an average man and was usually made of wood with a metal point or the competitor would sharpen the end of the stick. The Javelin was designed with a slim leather strap that attached to the middle of the Javelin and was held by the competitor. This strap allowed for increased throwing distance and accuracy. The Javelin was one of the ancient Greeks favorite pieces of sports equipment because it was also a tool for war. The basis for a Javelin is actually a spear, which has been a primary tool for war for thousands of centuries.
As the centuries passed sports equipment evolved and as it did so safety increased. This allowed many people to participate in sports they never would have been able to. With the advent of headgear and a mouthpiece even the brutal sports of boxing has become safer. The varieties of sports equipment available are nearly endless, you have baseballs, basketball, running shoes, Frisbees and even knee wraps are an important part of your sports equipment arsenal.
The first piece of sports equipment to get is a good pair of sneakers and remember be safe and have fun.

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