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The History and Joy of Skiing

Snow skiing evolved gradually from snowshoes which were used to make transportation in snow easier. Sometimes wooden planks were strapped to feet, to prevent sinking and making it possible to glide over the snow and travel faster. A short ski was discovered in Sweden, believing to be over 4,500 years old. Ancient cave drawings also suggest an even earlier use of skis. These early skis were used to help travelers stay on top of the snow and were often used by hunters. In the early 1700's, the people of Norway began to learn new ways of developing skiing techniques. They found that they could control the speed of a downhill descent and also discovered the ability to jump on skis. The early skis provided an attached boot that was mounted to the front of the skis, commonly known as Nordic skis.

In the early 1800's the first organized skiing events were established which included jumps and cross-country type racing. By the 1900's skiing grew to become more of a sport. The first Winter Olympic Game took place in France in the year 1924. The two skiing events offered were Nordic, ski jumping, and Nordic combined. Cross-country would make the Olympic event in the year 1932 in Lake Placid. As skiing took on more challenging terrain, new equipment and techniques needed to change. Alpine skiing equipment was made with a boot mounted to both the toe and heel ends of the skis. This type of ski gave the skier more control, allowing for sharper turns, faster speeds and the ability to negotiate steeper slopes. In 1936 Alpine ski events were included in the Olympics.

Today manufacturers have developed faster and safer ski equipment. Athletes can now receive better training and learn the latest techniques. Many ski resorts are now offering holiday packages, including singles holidays with ski packages. Just a few years ago, it may not have been safe for women to travel alone to enjoy a holiday, but singles holidays are now safer than ever. With activities arranged, singles can enjoy meeting new people with the security offered by skiing singles holidays.