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Razor scooter

We have all seen them zooming on down the road reminding us of days gone by. What one of us has not owned at least one of the following: Roller skates, skateboard, or inline skates?

These products are all in the tradition and mold of the Razor scooter. They all are fun, have wheels and are designed to get you from one point to another in a fun and exciting manner.

The Razor scooter is actually based on a very old design. A gentleman name Gino Tsai is credited with the development of the Razor scooter but it was actually a family undertaking.

Ginos’ father who was a mechanical engineer for the J.D.Corporation complained about having to walk miles per day in his job at a large bicycle manufacturer. Mr. Tsai was a determined man and set about modifying an existing scooter.

The total development time was over five years but his son Gino finished the scooter and began to market it. When launched to the marketplace the Razor scooter was a huge success with backorders in the three to six month range.

What makes the Razor scooter so special? There are a number of key things that make this scooter better, the first is weight. The Razor scooter is made out of very high quality and lightweight aluminum. The aluminum is airplane grade and can hold over one thousand pounds without bending. The scooter is compact and foldable so you can carry it in a bag as a quasi book bag. High quality wheels and bearing are standard which helps with durability and ease of repair when needed.

The Razor scooter has been the basis for a large amount of other wheeled products. There are five versions of the scooter which are electric powered, numerous self powered “kick” scooters for stunt tricks and numerous variations of the traditional go kart.

Have fun on your scooter and remember always wear safety gear.