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Pizza Maker

Do you think that a “Pizza Maker” is a large swarthy man in a white apron with red sauce on it? That is one kind of pizza maker, but another kind is a small appliance that enables you to cook a frozen pizza quickly, with maximum taste and minimum bother. It has a flat, round, revolving Teflon plate which heats up to the ideal temperature by means of an overhead heating element which enables you to make your pizza with any thickness of crust and any degree of crispiness that you want. Different settings enable you to get the kind of pizza you like best and the fact that the plate revolves assures uniformity.

Frozen pizza is not the only kind that can be made on this appliance. It is wonderful for making fresh pizza, with flat or rising crust. You can choose different settings for the heat coming from the bottom plate and that coming from the overhead element. A little experimentation will allow you to find out which settings you like best. Pizza Makers typically use 1,200 watts of power and cost in the area of $50.00.

Sophisticated pizza makers know that the greatest pizzas are baked on stone surfaces. For just a little more money you can get a pizza maker with a stone cooking surface rather than the usual Teflon. What makes this desirable is that the stone surface absorbs the moisture from the ingredients and makes the pizza crispier and with optimum flavor. This type of pizza maker often has a larger top heating element to assure even greater uniformity of texture. It can also be used to make several other types of products, such as tortillas and in some cases, a pizza maker can be used to grill steak or shrimp.

The question is: Is there any end to the variety of ways that people can enjoy pizza? The answer, apparently, is “no.” Go out to a restaurant, have pizzeria pizza delivered or make your own at home - any way you want, pizza is definitely one of the most popular food items in the world.