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Online Computer Stores

Throughout time business has show that it can evolve its marketing departments to every type of media that is invented. It all began with blacksmith's offering their skill in the first newspapers to online computer stores offering sales via e-commerce. The 'electronic' or 'e' in e-commerce refers to the technology/systems; the 'commerce' refers to be traditional business models. E-commerce is as the complete set of processes that support commercial/business activities on a network (the internet). Online computer stores compete in numerous ways to get business to their site. Some companies will buy time for some advertising on cable stations. These online computer stores will also put ads in papers like the original advertisers. The reason Online computer stores sell their product online is because According to a Forrester Research (as cited in Kessler, 2003), electronic commerce in the United States generated sales worth US $12.2 billion as of 2003, which was higher than the previous years number of $11.1 billion. It is no wonder why Online Computer stores market product on the internet.

The internet not only offers access from local areas but anyone can access the internet worldwide. To add to the online computer stores popularity is the availability of shipping services which helps with delivering a computer to almost anyone throughout the entire world. Online computer stores often offer special deals when a customer purchases a computer from their site. Sometimes these online computer stores will offer rebates on the total purchase of a computer or a free upgrade to certain parts of the computer for buy a specific brand or model. Great amounts of these stores offer the ability to go through a selection process where you can pick every piece that would be included into your computer this allows complete customization of any personal computer. As the internet continues to grow along with the human population it is obvious that the internet is an important area of media that could lead to great earning potential.