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Native American History

The Native American Culture was one of the greatest to grace this land and this is a brief look at the history and expansion of the Native Americans. About 20,000 years ago there was a land bridge that connected Russia and present day Alaska but this land bridge was actually a part of a glacier of our last Ice Age. Native America History shows these first Native Americans faced many hardships. The main challenge that the Native Americans faced was the weather. Alaska and the parts of Canada south of Alaska was a very cold place at this time in history staying warm and dry is a main staple in this environment but native American history showed that they wore the bear skins that they hunted in that same climate. The thick hide of this animal could make the proper winter clothes for 2-3 people with just one skin. Another hardship that the Native Americans faced was the predators that lived in North America. These animals included Saber Tooth Tigers, Mountain Lions, Giant Bears, and game that would fight back like Buffalo, Wooly Mammoths, and Yaks.

After this native American history showed that they thrived greatly in different climates. Their were the plains Indians who were nomadic and would travel with the herds of Buffalo that they depended so much on for all aspects of their lives. To the desert Natives of the southwest who made stone houses out of sheer cliff walls to stay protected from the very hot and potential damaging sun. The tribes that settled in the Northeast lived off the land by growing crops, hunting, fishing streams, lakes and rivers for all of their food. The Natives of the Northeast are the reason that we celebrate Thanksgiving as a nation now. Native American history then saddened as the European explores found the new land and started claiming land for their own needs. Native American's did not have a concept of owning land and were taken advantage of and were forced off their land. Now a days Native American History is little more than reservation being able to just scrape by because of the inability to live the life that that tribe previously had lived.