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Listen to Free Online Music

The immense expansion of the internet in the mid to late nineties leads to the ability of people to listen to free music online from a very vast selection of websites. The addition of search engines also greatly increased the amount of sites where you can listen to free music online. There has been a great controversy in this subject to how and if people should be able to listen to free music online if it was pirated material. Then a huge verdict in the case lead to the near extinction of listening to free music online by getting free downloads but in a new era the ability to stream one's material online created a huge boost in being able to listen to free music online. Now bands that are small and need exposure usually have an area on their site where you can listen to free music online that they have written. Also D.J's who are trying to start their career will often host a home based show on the internet and while you listen to free music online they will act out his or her DJ rap and often will record a broadcast of their to show as a sort of resume to prospective employers.

The ability to listen to free music online also enables one to expand their musical horizons and hear and appreciate a music style or particular artist more. How often does one find themselves walking into a record store and randomly buying albums of artists that they have never heard of before? Chances of this is extremely low, with the cost of the album and not knowing the musical quality of the artist there is a high chance of wasting money on an album that will go un-heard after one play. Listening to free music online can improve the popularity of a band if released by offering a cheap alternative to free album hand-outs. Giving one's site address will help the band's fan attendance to concerts increase.