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Law Documents Throughout History

The history of law documents date back centuries and some of the earliest documentions were before Christ. But many started documenting more frequently around the seventeenth century. Let's take a look at some of History of Law Documents and what some of them consisted of.

In the time Before Christ (B.C.) there were plenty of law documents made. Many were from the time when Caesar Augustus was the emperor. Some of these included the Law Of Caesar On Municipalities in 44B.C. and another which was written in 64B.C. This document was concerning three citizens that were sent to Caesar Augustus for a hearing in Cyrene, Libya, Africa. This cherished law document was found in 1926.

Other Roman law documents include the Agrarian Law 111 B.C. This document includes statements concering the use of public land in early Roman Republic times. In 122 B.C. another law document was written, again from early Roman times and was about the right to recover property that was extorted. The Law Of The Kings from 735 - 510B.C. document writes the laws of Rome's seven kings.

Some history of Law Documents prior to the eighteenth century included the law of Richard I in 1189. This law was about crusaders who to go to sea. Other law documents include, the Statute of Edward I in 1290, which was about buying and selling of land and the Statute of Laborers in 1351. The treaty between Spain and Portugal in 1479 is another legal document along with the Fundamental Constitution of Carolina in 1669, the Fundamental Constitution of New Jersey in 1683 and the English Bill Of Rights in 1689..

When it comes to the history of law documents whether it is just prior to the eighteenth century or centuries there after, there are thousands of them covering everything that sits under the protection of laws. These documents are just as important today as they were when they were first written.

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