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Lava lamps

We all remember way back in the day when we would get out the tie dye tee shirts, put some Beatles on, turn the Lava Lamp on and enjoy the relaxing motion of the liquid. Have you ever wondered how the Lava Lamp first came into existence and who invented it?

The Lava lamp was first invented as a novelty by an Englishman name Dunnett, for use at his local pub. A fellow Englishman, Craven Walker, liked the idea so much he spent the next decade trying to perfect the idea.

Unfortunately for Walker the local merchants thought the design was ugly and would not have anything to do with it. This might have been the end for lava Lamps but then something magical happened which would change the future of the Lava lamp as well as the world - the generation of love!

With the advent of the 1960’s and the “love generation” the Lava lamp sales soared to record heights. Walker was even so bold as to state “If you use my lamp you won’t need drugs. In the middle of the 1960’s Walker brought the lava lamp to America along with the help of two inventors named Wertheimer and Spector. The two inventors started a company called the Lava Corp. and proceeded to coin the phrase Lava Lamp.

The success of the Lava Corporation continued until the early 1970’s at which time the company was purchased and renamed the Lava Simplex Corporation. At this time the company discontinued all the old models and developed a totally new line of Lava Lamps hoping to gain a market share with people who practiced meditation. This marketing strategy failed miserably and in the mid 1980’s the company again changed its name to Lava Simplex.

The Lava Simplex corporation started many of the interesting variations of Lava Lamps made today such as the Lava Clock, and the Lava Hourglass.

Kick back, turn some groovy music on and enjoy the serene, liquid motion of your Lava Lamp.