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Holiday Party Games

Everyone is familiar with the bonding ritual behind playing different holiday party games. They have always served to bring friends and loved ones closer, especially if the game being played involves teams. The holiday that seems to contain the majority of games is Halloween. Halloween, celebrated on the 31st of October in the United States, is chock full of good times for young and old. Bobbing for apples is a favorite of many, the player is placed in front of a tub of water full of apples. The player is then blind folded, hands placed behind their back, and given a set amount of time to collect as many apples as possible with their mouth, the winner of course receives a prize. Another favorite of Halloween is the Ouija board. The players, usually in groups of two to four, place there hands on a small triangle shaped item that is placed upon a board containing all the letters of the alphabet and two spaces in each corner with the words yes and no. They then proceed to ask a “spirit” any question desired and the triangle item drags them across the board revealing the “answer”. There is no real prize behind this game, aside from the “answer”. Yet the debate continues, are one of the players moving the triangle? Of course the ultimate Halloween game would be the contest to see who can collect the most sweets while trick or treating. The next batch of holiday party games emerge out of Easter and everyone's all time favorite, the Birthday.

Easter is celebrated the first Sunday in the month of April. Although originally celebrated by the Christians as the day of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, it has taken on a new meaning in some households containing small children. The new meaning is that a bunny, known as the Easter bunny, visits ones home the night before Easter with a basket of candy or presents. He leaves these treats for children and hides colorfully decorated eggs throughout the home. This is the big time game of Easter, the Easter egg hunt. Children compete to find the most eggs, which are usually plastic and open to unveil a special surprise. The holiday that contains the largest variety of party games, is the birthday, obviously celebrated on the day of ones birth. The birthday is usually celebrated with a party consisting of ones family and friends. The young ones tend to participate in games like pin the tail on the donkey, in which a picture of a tail-less donkey is posted on a wall. The child is then blind folded, sometimes even spun in a circle a couple of times to create confusion, and pointed in the direction of the donkey. The object is to pin a little tail attached to a thumbtack onto the donkey, whom ever is the closest receives a prize. Another popular game involves the piñata. Enjoyed by young and old, the piñata is made of paper mache and sculpted into the animal or other decoration of choice. It is hung from a ceiling or tree. One person at a time, again, is blindfolded, spun around, and pointed in the direction of the piñata. This time, instead of holding a tail they are holding a long, thin wooden object. This object is used to hit the piñata until is bursts, spewing forth a variety of treats. The object is to beat everyone else to the majority of these treats.