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Holiday Greeting Cards

Holidays in the United States of America display many things that we care for and hold true. Whether it is the celebration of one's life that was taken away and whose ideals we hold so high like Martin Luther King Jr. or if it is the stated birthday of the Christian states messiah Jesus on Christmas day. What ever the Holiday family and friends usually send out dozens of Holiday Greeting Cards as a way to keep in touch with family and friends that have not been in touch recently. Most holiday greeting card senders buy store bought prepackaged cards and while there is nothing wrong with this idea many people are receiving the same card with a unique message inside of the card. A now popular alternative to this is the personal crafting of holiday greeting cards by one at their own home. Although time consuming this can be a great way to personalize and tailor each card for each individual receiving the cards.

One way to achieve this is using construction paper to make a card. Depending on the number and size of the cards you are sending just figure out the amount of construction paper you are going to need. Figure that if you are going to make a flapped card (one that can open) at 4 inches by 6 inches allow a total area of 50 square inches this will allow a 2 inch margin of error and you should be safe to correct any cutting mistakes within that 2 inches of extra paper. Depending on what holiday greeting card you are sending out like for the sake of this article we will discuss Christmas Holiday greeting cards, You could glue paper wreaths to your holiday greeting card or things like pictures of doves or mistletoe. Even attaching real objects like peppermints or miniature candy canes to the cards can make a festive touch to this idea. For a card for someone's birthday you could attach certain pictures of objects that the receiver enjoys like fish, Pictures of mountains or clowns singing happy birthday. But this is your holiday greeting card and ultimately it is your decision what to put on your card so make it pretty!