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Holiday Gift Baskets

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Most people would agree that whoever came up with the idea of holiday gift baskets was an inspired person! They have become the gift of choice - and an ideal one - for so many occasions. Holiday gift baskets are especially appropriate when a group (such as office mates) want to give someone a collective gift. Individual gifts in these cases are often impossible because of the cost involved for each person and the difficulty of making choices - not to mention the feelings of the person who may be inundated with a pile of individual gifts, many of which may not be to the person’s taste. But each member of a group can contribute five or ten dollars and a lovely and appropriate joint gift will be well received.

Our research shows that an individual company may offer more than fifty choices in holiday gift baskets. Here are a few: A selection of fruit, a selection of chocolates - perhaps from a favorite brand of the recipient - a basket based on a particular literary character, such as Alice in Wonderland (books, stationary, pictures, etc. depicting that character), a completely stocked and elegant picnic basket with gourmet foods, a selection of tasty cheese, nuts or other snacks, a movie-night basket with videos, popcorn and a beverage, a basket based around a particular country including foods and wine from that country, a basket of recipes and ingredients for the person who likes to cook, -- the fact is that the choices are limited only by the purchaser’s imagination because most companies offer, in addition to their standard choices, custom-made baskets.

Holiday gift baskets make a delightful impression on the receiver because companies outdo one another in the lavish and creative ways in which they decorate their products. As with anything else, of course, the cost will depend on the number of ingredients, the price of each individual ingredient (A Hershey chocolate basket, for instance, as opposed to a Godiva chocolate one), the difficulty in acquiring the ingredients (if you are requesting a custom-made basket of hard-to-find items) and the materials used in decorating.

But the good news is that when this is being done as a group there is often enough money in the kitty to go all-out and create a lavish and impressive display. The result is enjoyed by both givers and receiver.