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The Game cube comes from a line of home entertainment systems from Nintendo. The predecessor of the Gamecube was the SNES or the Super Nintendo Entertainments System. It was the early 1990’s and Nintendo was having great sales with its SNES system partially because it came with the Mario brother’s video game. The Super Nintendo system had a cutting edge sixteen bit console as well as increased graphics capabilities and improved sound. These new qualities made the Super Nintendo system sell very well.

Things were not to stay that way long as in the coming months Sony released the Playstation and SNES sales started to fall dramatically. Nintendo had to counter the release from Sony so they decided to release a sixty-four bit-gaming console called the Nintendo 64. The design of the new Nintendo sixty-four consoles allowed for multiplayer use (up to four people simultaneously) had improved graphics and sound but the consumer did not like it as much as the Sony products and the SNES was still no match for the Playstation.

Nintendo saw market share continue to decline and finally after a few years decided to get back into the gaming industry in earnest by releasing the Gamecube. Originally called the Dolphin, the Gamecube came with a four hundred and thirty three MHz processor and increased graphics and multiplayer capabilities.

The market release of the newly rename Gamecube was September 14, 2001; Nintendo made a marketing error in releasing the GC in Japan first. It was a mediocre success. The major turning point came on November 18, 2001 when Nintendo released the Gamecube in the United States the package included fifteen game titles and has an amazing sixty frames per second video speed.

Currently Nintendo is battling both Microsoft with their Xbox and Sony with their Playstation for market share. As avid gamers we all eagerly await the next release by Nintendo. Have fun gaming.