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Free Sheet Music

Music has evolved many ways through out time. But on thing that has remained constant is how music is written. The range of notes is always constant. Starting with the note A and progressing through the mode as follows A, A sharp, B, C, C sharp, D, D sharp, E, F, F sharp, G, and end with G sharp. All of this music was and still is written on a group of lines that have dedicated areas within those lines for each corresponding note. This group of lines is known as staves or more commonly known as sheet music. Although it is hard to determine who invented the sheet music, it was certainly created a very long time ago and some theories state that the Catholic Church might done something to bring sheet music to the community. This was thought to be devised sometime in the middle ages. This was done so the church could classify notes in hymns and church patrons could learn the song outside of the congregation.

A good way for amateur musicians to practice is getting free sheet music of a song that they like and learning it throughout. All free sheet music is standard composition and can fit any musical instrument from a Guitar to piano the notes on the free sheet music all translate the same. Many people say that music is an international language and they are all correct. Notes are notes no matter the origin of the musician the notes translate perfectly. There are many websites to find free sheet music and any site that you may find you can find free sheet music for any style of music, Baroque, Classical Rock, Heavy Metal, to Gospel. Many musical instructors use free sheet music to train their students certain aspects the specific song might contain like scales, trills, or other techniques used by a musician. This can com in handy if you find free sheet music that is blank so that you can compose and write you own music into the staves.