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Free Online Music

With the controversy of the decision against Free Online Music websites has brought on a call for reformation from the music industry while the fans want to hear the music of their favorite artist. Many musicians including the metal giants Metallica stood firm in their stance again free online music sites. They stated that, “they were protecting the bands less fortunate then they were”. This gave any smaller bands that didn't have the voice that Metallica did a chance to see their belief come into shape. A popular belief of this side of the argument was that struggling bands that were barely making it by were losing money from the loss in records sales due to the free downloading of music online. After many trials many different free online music sites went offline or had to start changing the way that music was downloaded from their site. Many free online music sites just changed formats and began charging for downloads of various materials so not to infringe any of the copyright laws that protect these songs.

The other side of the argument was that the exposure that the bands received from free online music sites more than offset the loss of sales by increase ticket sales at their concerts and merchandise such as shirts, sweatshirts and the physical album. Most people stated that after downloading an album or a couple of songs for that album that they would purchase the physical album for its artwork and to contribute to the band. Others though used free online music sites as a way to get as much music as many artists as possible and this gave downloading music a bad name and a bad label. This side of the argument between bands and free online music sites was the weaker of the two either because maybe this side didn't have the homerun voice like the other side had or it was obvious that copyrights were violated.