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College Banners

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What is multi-colored, usually made of felt or nylon, is about two feet wide and eight feet long and makes you want to jump up and down and holler “Hooray!” as soon as you see it? That’s right - its your old college banner or pennant or flag. Its hard to think of anything that conjurs up a flash of nostalgia as quickly. Often people in their fifties or sixties still have them hanging up in their family room. Sometimes people even hang them up in their babies’ nursery - just in case the child wants to take a hint as he or she grows up!

A quick internet search will lead you to sites which offer banners for any college you can think of and will custom-make them too. Double-sided ones can be hung from a flagpole. Some have the letters appliqued on, some make use of embroidery and some combine the two techniques. Smaller, triangular shaped banners are usually called pennants - but either one typically has the recognized letters, colors and logo of the college. Some high schools display college banners around their halls and in their classrooms in order to put students in the mindset of going for higher education. Colleges are usually only too happy to donate banners for this purpose.

Since tradition is the main ingredient in this kind of enterprise, college banner designs and colors usually do not change very often. However, they sometimes do and it is possible, for a little more money, to get “retro” banners from the old days - such as a time when a school was having a big winning streak in football.

Small banners made of inexpensive material may be obtained for $20-$30 dollars - larger and more durable ones can run from $85 to $150 or more. There are banners which are officially endorsed and licensed by colleges and those that are not, but the logo itself may be copyrighted by a college and the point of them is instant recognition. Often artists are commissioned to design banners and some art festivals have banner competitions with awards for design, originality, practicality and artistry.

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