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Coffee makers

The experts say scent is the strongest of our scenes. Who can not remember waking up in the morning and smelling the wonderful smell of fresh brewed coffee?

Early frontiersmen and soldiers used to carry a coffee pot with them always. The term “pot of Joe” is thought to have originated this way. Coffee has been a staple of the travelers’ life since time began. Due to the stimulant caffeine in coffee it was used to help in the long days and to warm a person up on cold mornings.

The first coffee maker was first invented in Paris in 1818 by a gentleman named Laurens. This coffee maker was the first percolator type design. Due to the widespread usage by American frontiersmen it was called the Cowboy pot. The design was simple and very durable. There are still examples of the Cowboy pot in existence today, with some of the finer examples fetching over ten thousand dollars at antique auctions.

Over the next one hundred and fifty years the percolator based coffee pots continued to be developed. Many homes and restaurants had switched to the percolator based system from the old method of boiling water.

A major advancement came in the 1960’s when the modern filter type coffee maker was developed. Many companies jumped on this new design and developed it even more.

Perhaps the most well know coffee maker is the Mr. Coffee. Along with developing new more compact and efficient coffee makers the Mr. Coffee company realized the value of there brand name and advertising. Mr. Coffee made the wise move in 1974 of signing Joe DiMaggio as the spokesperson for the company. This relationship would propel sales of coffee makers to heights never seen. It was now in to drink coffee and sales of the drink went through the roof.

The next time you walk into Starbucks for a hot cup of Joe remember the history of the coffee maker and don’t forget to thank good old Joe DiMaggio.