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So you are sitting on the futon in your dorm room and a group of friends stop by. As they walk through the door you realize you have a problem, not enough chairs. The chair is such an everyday item we almost take them for granted.

Ancient Egyptian carpenters used to make chairs out of papyrus leaves woven together. It was however the pharos and queens who really had the best seat in the house. There are elaborate chairs or thrones that still exist today. Most thrones were made of some type of precious metal such as gold or silver. Needless to say very few still exist today as people would either steal them for the precious stone inlaid in them or steal them to melt them down for the precious metal.

One of the most famous chairs or thrones is the one the Queen of England uses. People loosely term it the royal chair.

Some of the more unique chairs over the years include:

The bean bag chair: This type of chair was invented in the mid 1900’s and consisted of fabric sewn into a large bag and filled with Styrofoam pellets. There was initial concern over the safety of the pellets. Children were able to rip the fabric open and ingest the pellets. Since the bean bags chair introduction steps have been taken to increase safety and the popularity has grown again.

The Recliner: Who can’t remember Dad leaning back with a cold soda and watching the game in his recliner? A recliner by design is able to lean back which allows for a semi flat sleeping position. Most recliners also have a foot rest that pops out when you lean the chair back.

What ever your seating needs are you can be sure that there is a chair out there that will fit you just right. Remember a majority of people will spend years behind a desk working so you selection of a chair is very important.