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Calling Cards

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In the days of Queen Victoria and formal manners, a “calling card” meant a small printed item similar to a business card today, printed with the owner’s name. At certain times, typically on Sunday afternoon, people got dressed up and went to one another’s houses to “call on” their friends or acquaintances. If no one was home, they left their card to let the friend know that they had been there. It is easy for us to picture people wandering from house to house - no on at home in any house because they are all out “calling” on one another. A quaint custom, but one that did not last long. It is possible today to leave a “cyber calling card” on a person’s web site to tell them that you have been there. If you can't be there for your customer's calls, get call answering service to better serve their needs.

But mostly, today, “calling card” means a kind of telephone credit card, usually pre-paid. In other words, a person buys a certain number of telephone hours in advance and is given a plastic card. When making a call the person gives, or dials in, the number on their card. They can then talk, on one call or several calls, for as long as the hours listed on the card, which are deducted by the phone company. Often an automated voice will tell you how many hours you have left on your card.

These cards have become great gift items, especially for teens that can never get enough phone time! In fact, some parents of teens have decided not to have long distance phone service capability on their home phones at all and instead use only pre-paid phone cards, so that they can control the number of long distance calls. A youngster can be given so many hours of phone time per month and if it is used up he or she must figure out how to earn money to buy more, or wait till the next month’s card is available to them.

Calling cards, of course, are also useful to adults who find it a convenient way to keep track of their phone bills and make long distance calls from any location. International calling cards are especially useful. Rely your message clearly and accurately to your customers with call center service.

Be sure to do a bit of shopping around online to get the best bargain - there are many calling card companies competing for your business and willing to offer a good deal.