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Portable Blender

Shortly after World War II there was an explosion of appliances on the U.S. Market. Televisions, washing machines, freezers and blenders, to name just a few. At first only rich people had them, but it was not long before they were all mass-manufactured and affordable in the ordinary household. Today they are almost as common in a home as faucets. There are hand blenders and portable blenders, immersible blenders which can be put into the dishwasher and power blenders with five speed controls (though most reviewers consider two speeds sufficient.) Department stores and home improvement stores stock dozens of brands at prices from $34.98 to five hundred dollars.

Portable blenders can crush ice, make fresh fruit juice, chop nuts and mix special drinks. Some people prefer glass jars and others fine them heavy and clumsy so opt for plastic jars. Hamilton Beach, Cuisinart, Black and Decker, Oster, KitchenAid - there is not a small appliance manufacturer which does not offer several models of blender. For those who are into retro-décor, there are blenders which are specifically made to look like the early 1940’s models.

The sales competition has caused more and more refinement in the blender models and the latest feature to be touted are blenders which are completely, or almost completely, vibration-free.

Capacity and speed are the two major considerations when selecting a blender. High-speed blenders claim that they produce a smoother blend in the end product. A public bar or restaurant will certainly want a commercial blender to get their drinks mixed quickly. If the establishment expects a high volume of use, they will opt for a gallon-size jar. People using them in their homes will be satisfied with a one-quart capacity jar. Look for a blender with a fairly heavy base, so that it will not move around on your counter while it is operating. The higher-end blenders can puree fruit and make peanut butter.

Whatever your choice, the very thought and sound of a blender usually invokes the idea of a party! Happy blending!