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Bedding and Linens

From polyester to satin from linen to flannel and everything in between. Such is the range of fabric available in bedding today. Check any store listing and you will find between 15 and 20 separate categories of items (pillows, mattress pads, shams, duvets, etc.) just for making up the well-dressed bed. As to the colors and patterns available for these items, that runs into the hundreds. Even something that sounds like it comes from the Little House on the Prairie - a featherbed - is available in up-scale house wares stores.
There are special pillows and padded mattress covers designed for pregnant women and for back pain sufferers.

One of the biggest style changes in recent years is the change from the old bedspread (often chenille or satin) which was taken off and folded away for the night - never used as a sleeping cover - to the puffy, quilted comforter which serves as both outer bed cover during the day and is also slept under at night. This item offers a luxurious look as well as ease in making up the bed each morning.

The fitted sheet - which has been around for a long time - was another time-saving and comfortable innovation. They may be difficult to fold, but today’s bed maker often does not keep the stacks of bed linens in the special closet that people did in the old days. Ease of laundering has added to this change. Another update has been the advent of blanket fabrics which are warm but lightweight and easy to launder.

What’s the latest? Organic bedding - guaranteed to contain no chemicals, man-made fabrics, glue or flame retardants. Hypo-allergenic bed linens and mattresses. Special encasings which discourage or enclose dust mites. Sleep sacks which combine top and bottom sheet into one unit and can easily be packed so that you can take your own bedding with you on trips. Sprays to make your ordinary sheets smell like they were made of the finest Egyptian cotton. Body pillows which are as long as you and enable you to hug them and curl into a fetal position while sleeping. What next? Keep watching!

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