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Ok it is time to get out the backlight, grab the Gamecube put some music on and sit on down in your favorite Bean bag chair.

The first development of a bean bag chair is actually given credit to a gentleman named Roger Dean. Mr. Dean worked for a furniture company call Hille. In early 1967 Dean crated a chair that was named the Sea Urchin. The Urchin consisted of twelve sections of foam, which were glued together and covered with various types of fur. Although the Urchin helped develop the idea for the beanbag chair, aficionados’ debate the fact is was even anything more than a modified Futon.

It would not be until 1969 that a beanbag chair, as we know it today was invented. The Italian firm of Zanotta commissioned the designer Paolini to come up with a creative, aesthetically appealing and down right comfortable chair. Cost, ease of maintenance, and appeal to the flower power generation of buyers were of key importance. With the design assistance of two additional designers Gatti and Teodora, Zanotta was successful and the beanbag chair became a huge hit.

Did you know that some doctors actually recommend using the beanbag chair during physical rehabilitation? Due to the fact the bead filler inside the chairs conform to your body the beanbag chair can be very beneficial to expecting mothers and people who have had back surgery.

There has been a concern about safety of zippered bean bag chairs because children can crawl inside them and suffocate, or ingest the foam pellets. In March of 1995 the US government started making some companies recall their chairs. Manufactures are now offering child safe zippers however it is estimated there are over one hundred thousand beanbag chairs still on the market that should be refitted or destroyed. If you have a beanbag chair and there is a child in the house please check to see if you have a child proof zipper on it. If the zipper is not child proof we suggest you take immediate action and either repair or dispose of the chair.

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