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Bathroom Kits

The average town today has at least two or three home-improvement or do-it-yourself stores within the town itself and at least two more (gigantic ones!) in a nearby mall. It is hard to say whether unemployment, an abundance of retired people or simply the availability of tools and kits is responsible for this phenomenon, but it is clear that more and more people are building, or improving, their own homes. Often people hire professionals for the specialized tasks, such as the main plumbing of the house, and do the rest themselves.

Browse our contemporary bathroom vanities along with our many other styles of bathroom vanities including traditional, antique, hand carved and hand painted. Our elegant vanities are sure to have everyone complimenting your new bathroom.

Showers doors, bath and shower combinations, including shower doors which need to be designed to fit into odd-shaped corners, pedestal-style sinks or basins which can be dropped into cabinets, dozens of styles of toilets, faucets and whirlpools, all these and more can be purchased as modules.

You can purchase software which enables you to design a floor plan for your bathroom. These often include detailed lessons on the basics of terminology so that even the earliest beginner can make sense of the instructions. If you really get stuck it is even possible to get direct help from a tech advisor online.

Another type of kit currently available is one for Water Conservation. Nearly half of the usual amount of water flowing through a shower can be saved by installing one of these devices. This not only saves water but also minimizes the cost of heating the water that you do use. A typical kit containing aerators for faucets and shower heads costs less than twenty dollars. These devices are designed to provide an even flow of water no matter what the water pressure is at any given moment. Another way that a similar kind of saving can be made is through the use of a water-conserving flushing apparatus on your toilet. It is also possible to detect hidden leaks which waste water by the use of color tablets. All of these home improvement items come in kits with easy-to-follow instructions that just about anyone can accomplish.