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  • Insurgency in the Republic of Macedonia(2021 clicks)
  • Macedonia History(1851 clicks)
    Historical Review of Macedonia, History of Thessaloniki, Origin of the Macedonians, The Dorians, Kings of Ancient Macedonia, Mount Olympus and the Macedonians, Capitals of Ancient Macedonia, Regions of Ancient Macedonia, Quotations from Classical Sources, Royal House Origins.
  • The Falsification of the History of Macedonia(1754 clicks)
    "During the last few years there's been some confusion about the Macedonians, their connection with the Greeks, and as a result, the continuation of the Greek (Hellenic) history. That confusion is artificial and it is: Generated by FYROM (Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia) and several factors that wish to serve their own interests by creating trouble in the Balkans, and, Conserved by the same factors and other people who have been misled into some weird hypothesis, as a result of a well designed propaganda."
  • The Republic of Macedonia(1737 clicks)