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  • Finland 500 Years on the Map of Europe(2645 clicks)
    Online exhibition. How Finland has been represented in maps over the last 500 years.
  • Finland: Primary Documents(694 clicks)
  • History of Finland(2981 clicks)
  • History of Finland(2740 clicks)
  • History of Finland(3589 clicks)
  • Lessons of the Winter War--Yesterday and Today(2611 clicks)
    Written for Virtual Finland by Dr. Tomas Ries, senior researcher - National Defence College - Finland. Finland beat the USSR but had to yield 10% of its territory.
  • Pictures From Wars During Finland´s Independence(2649 clicks)
    Suomen itsenäisyyden ajan sodat kuvina. Mostly the 1940s.
  • The Battles of the Winter War, 1939-40(2622 clicks)
    The epic battle between Finland and the Soviet Union.
  • Vepsa - history, culture and ethnic features(1438 clicks)