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  • A Brief History of Bosnia(2060 clicks)
    By Andras J. Riedlmayer, Harvard University, Summer 1993
  • Bosnia(1830 clicks)
    Mostly contemporary events but some history
  • Bosnia: Uncertain Paths to Peace(1867 clicks)
    Excellent New York Times article with photographs.
  • Documents on Bosnia(2039 clicks)
    Many documents and articles.
  • Massacre in Srebrenica(1319 clicks)
  • Srebrenica Conference Documents Detail Path to Genocide from 1993 to 1995(140 clicks)
  • Srebrenica Massacre(1365 clicks)
    Wikipedia site
  • The Annexation of Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1908(1938 clicks)
    Reasons for. This is important not only for Bosnian history but also the origins of WWI.
  • The Austrian Occupation of Novibazar, 1878-1909(1858 clicks)
    "In planning the, occupation of Bosnia and Herzegovina before the Treaty of Berlin, it seemed desirable to Austria to have a foothold in the ... Sanjak of Novibazar."