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  • An Analysis of the Norwegian Resistance During the Second World War(2632 clicks)
    In Adobe Acrobat format. Answers the question of whether the resistance was successful.
  • History of Norway--Documents(3070 clicks)
  • History of Norway--Primary Documents(2647 clicks)
    Links to various documents.
  • Noeway: Primary Documents(509 clicks)
  • Norway and World War II(2609 clicks)
    "Norwegians were surprised and unprepared when Nazi Germany, with its superior military might, attacked Norway on 9 April 1940. The general public, and their political leaders, had believed that Norway would be able to stay out of the second world war, just as the country had maintained its neutrality in World War I. They believed that Norway was strategically on the periphery, protected by British naval power, and thought that Norwegian neutrality was also in the interests of the warring nations on both sides." By Tor Dagre
  • Norway's Resistance Museum(2422 clicks)
    Detailed account of the exhibits. Demonstrates how Norway resisted the Nazi occupation during WWII.
  • Norwegian Social Science Data Services(2193 clicks)
    "The Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) is a national resource centre servicing the research community. Its main objective is to secure easy access for the Norwegian research community to data and to provide various services."
  • Norwegian Statistics(2760 clicks)
    Great statistical site.
  • The Digital Archive(3041 clicks)
    A free internet site that allows you to search in Norwegian censuses from 1801, 1865 and 1900, as well as emigration lists 1867-1830, old church records and tax lists, and lots of other archival material.
  • The Norwegian Army in Exile 1940 - 1945(1894 clicks)
    During WWII, Norway retained a government in exile. It operated a navy of 118 vessels, an airforce counting four squadrons. More than 1.000 Norwegian merchant ships and 27.000 men sailed in the convoys. Less known is the small Norwegian army in exile...
  • The Norwegian Historical Data Centre(2016 clicks)
    " The Norwegian Historical Data Centre (NHDC) is a national institution under the Faculty of Social Science at the University of Troms° (UiT°). Our main aim is to computerize the Norwegian censuses 1865 onwards together with the parish registers and other sources from the 18th and 19th centuries. The ultimate goal is a national population register for the 18th and 19th centuries, primarily for research purposes, but also for the benefit of schools, genealogists, local historians, etc."
  • Thomas Carlyle, Early Kings of Norway(1931 clicks)
    Book reprinted by the Gutenberg Project.
  • Vikings, The North Atlantic Saga(1058 clicks)
  • Voss Now(2162 clicks)
    This 6 year old page is a tremendous source for good photos of the town Voss in the Western part of Norway. Everyday, the guy who runs the page takes some new photos with his digital camera, and put them out on the page. 4600 pictures now. More pictures of fjords and mountains than you've ever seen before. The huge guestbooks tell of many foreign visitors.