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Mexican Photographs, Part V

Mexico Photo Archives
(from books)


The following set of images are ones that I have found in various books and believe to be free of copyright restrictions. They are provided on this site to enable persons to see aspects of Mexico they might not be able to see otherwise. Clicking on the image retrieves a larger, higher resolution image.

Plaza of Three Cultures, showing Aztec ruins, a Spanish colonial church, and modern buildings
Mexican women on a Pacific Coast Beach
Discount store, (Federal District) and Cargo trucks
Alvaro Obregón (1920-24)
President Plutarco E. Calles, (1924-28)
President Gustavo Díaz Ordaz (1964-70)
Interior of a church dome, Puebla
School children, ca. 1965
Maximilian and Charlotte Hapsburg, erstwhile Emperor and Empress of Mexico
TV Store , Mexico City (ca. 1965) Banco de Mexico and Nacional Financiera
Sugar mill, (Mexico)
Public market in Guadalajara, Mexico
Juan O'Gorman mural
Huichol wedding (Mexico)
National Polytechnic Institute (Mexico City)


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