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New Deal Reminders

I. First Hundred Days: Early New Deal: "New Nationalism"

A. Recovery: Immediate programs to get economy moving possibly temporary
1. Civil Conservation Corps
2. Civil Works Administration
3. National Industrial Recovery Act
  a. National. Recovery Administration
  b. Public Works Administration
  c. Section 7--labor
4. Agricultural Adjustment Act
5. Home Owners Loan Corporation
6. Federal Emergency Relief Administration

B. Reform: Lasting alterations, long called for.

1. Tennessee Valley Authority
2. Federal Securities Act
3. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation
4. Repeal of Prohibition

II. Later New Deal: "New Freedom" More reform, more for "little" man

1. Works Progress Act
2 . Federal Housing Authority
3. National labor Relations Act and Board (Wagner Act)
4. Social Security
5. Public Utilities Holding Company Act
6. Federal Communications Commission
7. Fair Labor Standards Act
8. Wealth Tax Acts of 1935, 1936, 1937
9. Rural Electrification program
10. Commodity Credit Corporation

III. Some Important People

1. John L. Lewis
2. Frances Perk ins
3. Mary Dewson
4. Rexford G. Tugwell
5. Harry Hopkins
6. John Maynard Keynes
7. Hugh S. Johnson
8. Louis D. Brandeis
9. Felix Frankfurter
10. Henry A. Wallace
11. Huey Long
12. Dr. Francis E. Townsend
13. Father Charles Coughlin