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  • Collegium Carolinum (93 clicks)
    Description: Here you will find information for both academics and students of Czech Studies as well as for everyone that is interested in the history and culture of the Bohemian Lands or the Czech Republic and Slovakia.
  • Crisis over Czechoslovakia: March - September 1938 (134 clicks)
    Description: This site contains a collection of key documents and other materials relating to the "Munich crisis" of 1938. The documents reflect the attitude of Nazi Germany towards Czechoslovakia and the development of the British response to the rising international tension in Central Europe culminating in the Munich Agreement.
  • Czech Books (711 clicks)
    Description: Written in Czech
  • Czech Republic History (955 clicks)
    Description: Done by the Czech embassy in Washington, DC
  • History of the Czech Republic (888 clicks)
    Description: From Emulate Me. Detailed.
  • Jan Hus, Priest and Martyr (6 Jul 1415) (873 clicks)
    Description: "John Huss (Jan Hus) was born in Bohemia (now part of the Czech Republic) in about 1371." biography.
  • Slovak and Czech Archives (920 clicks)
    Description: by Duncan B. Gardiner, Ph.D., C.G., A.G. Genealogical research.
  • The Prague Spring (923 clicks)
    Description: The attempt to become more democratic and the crushing of the movement by Soviet forces in 1968. Interesting article but you have to get past the ads on the site.
  • The Prague Spring and the Soviet Invasion of Czechoslovakia (710 clicks)
    Description: New Interpretations (Second of two parts) By Mark Kramer
  • The rise and fall of the Przemyslid Dynasty (682 clicks)
    Description: Radio Prague's History Online Virtual Exhibit! Check this site out for more Czech history.
  • The unfortunate legacy of the Prague Spring (848 clicks)
    Description: Jan Culik. Written for the Scotsman.
  • Thirty Years Later: remembering the Prague Spring (807 clicks)
    Description: Deborah Michaels writes about the 1968 liberalization of Prague in the Prague Post and the Soviet Union crushing this liberalism.