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  • Abelard of Le Pallet(105 clicks)
    Notes about the original Abelard.
  • Arianism(120 clicks)
  • Calculation of the Ecclesiastical Calendar(107 clicks)
    Calculates for several different calendars.
  • CANTUS: A Database for Latin Ecclesiastical Chant(94 clicks)
    Indices of chants in selected manuscripts and early printed sources of the liturgical Office.
  • Catholics, Jews, and Vatican II: A New Beginning(98 clicks)
    By Thomas Beaudoin. Analyzes relations beginning with Vatican II, 1962-65.
  • Christian Church History(97 clicks)
    Primary documents and other materials
  • Christian Classics Ethereal Library(99 clicks)
    Christian texts. Check out the books in MP3 format.
  • Christian Hagiography(101 clicks)
    Compiled by the Société des Bollandistes. Lives of the Saints.
  • Constantine and Christianity(109 clicks)
    The relationship of religion and government can be intricate and dynamic and has often had important consequences for both. This is especially evident in the change that took place in both the Christian Church and the Roman Empire during the reign of the Emperor Constantine (A.D. 312-337). This paper discusses the effects of the events and legislation of that period on both church and state. It will attempt to explain how as a result of Constantine's policies, the Christian Church and the Roman State each gained control of and influence over the other. This in turn resulted in a mutual dependency which allowed and maintained control of the people.
  • Desiderius Erasmus, The Manual of a Christian Knight [1501](139 clicks)
  • Franciscana on the Web(100 clicks)
    "This Page is an attempt at a complete listing of URLs relating in any manner to Franciscan Studies and which are currently active. As part of The Franciscan Archive, this page has been in existence since February 1997 A.D., and is updated as regularly as possible."
  • Hill Monastic Manuscript Library(110 clicks)
    "Since its founding in 1965, the Hill Monastic Manuscript Library (HMML) has sent teams of researchers and technicians to film more than 25 million pages from nearly 90,000 volumes in libraries and archives throughout Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. Today, HMML represents one of the largest and most comprehensive archives of medieval and Renaissance sources in the world. The collection includes substantial holdings from Germany and Austria (including the National Library in Vienna), Spain, Portugal, England, Malta, Ethiopia and smaller collections from other countries. Virtually every subject of knowledge--theology, philosophy, law (canon and civil), music, art, science and medicine, the mechanical arts and the liberal arts--is reflected in this vast collection."
  • History of the Knights Templar(138 clicks)
    "A comprehensive site covering the history, mstery, mythos and legend of the Monastic Warriors known as the Knights Templar."
  • Knights Templar(122 clicks)
  • Peter Abelard, 1079-1142(108 clicks)
  • Saint Patrick Centre(149 clicks)
    Ireland's patron saint, who was English.
  • Simoniacal Entry into Religious Life from 1000 to 1260(120 clicks)
    A Social, Economic, and Legal Study by Joseph H. Lynch
  • St. Paul's Cathederal, London(97 clicks)
    Christopher Wren's masterpiece.
  • The Crusades(99 clicks)
    Skip Knox's excellent site for his Western Civilization teaching.
  • The Devil and the Religious Controversies of Sixteenth-Century France(97 clicks)
    Student essay by Carleton Cunningham.
  • The Protestant Reformation(105 clicks)
    from Hanover College. Links to Hanover and to other sites.
  • Vatican Libraries(103 clicks)
    Allows access to the various Vatican libraries.
  • Vox Populi(111 clicks)
    Violence and Popular Involvement in the Religious Controversies of the Fifth Century A.D. by Timothy E. Gregory
  • Wilfrid Ward, Life of Cardinal Newman(118 clicks)
    Volumes 1 and 2.
  • Wondrous in His Saints: Counter-Reformation Propaganda In Bavaria(101 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Philip M. Soergel