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  • "Toledo: Capital of Sepharad" by Samuel Toledano(130 clicks)
    Abridged version of an article on Spanish Jews.
  • A Graphical History of Spain(127 clicks)
    Slide show. Easy to navigate.
  • A Quick Primer on that darn Peninsular Campaign(139 clicks)
    Done with a sense of humor. Includes links to history, biography, and genealogy.
  • A Silent Minority: Deaf Education in Spain, 1550–1835(136 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Susan Plann
  • A Spanish Civil War Photo Essay(157 clicks)
  • Abbadides(128 clicks)
    Moslem dynasty from about 1023 until 1091.
  • Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives(215 clicks)
    "Founded in 1975, ALBA is a non profit national organization devoted to the preservation and dissemination of the history of the North American role in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939) and its aftermath. ALBA supervises a major archive at New York University's Tamiment Library--the most comprehensive historical archive documenting the involvement of North American volunteers in the Spanish Civil War--and supports cultural and educational activities related to the war and its historical, political, artistic, and biographical heritage."
  • Al-Andalus(148 clicks)
    The history of our beloved country Al-Andalus
  • Albert Weisbord, Essays on the Spanish Civil War(133 clicks)
    Albert Weisbord was a leading Communist Radical of the 1930's.
  • An Historical Essay on Modern Spain(138 clicks)
    By Richard Herr
  • Anarchism in the Spanish Civil War(143 clicks)
  • Andalucía Documentos y Narraciones(150 clicks)
    In Spanish
  • Aragonese Historiography in the 11th & 12th Centuries(120 clicks)
    An essay.
  • Arxeos: Celtic Archaeology(142 clicks)
    The Web site of celtic world in Northeast of Spain: the belli nation.
  • Baroque(118 clicks)
    Images of the barogue presented by Dr. Kris Lane. Click on the thumbnails.
  • Basque Fatherland and Liberty (ETA)(126 clicks)
    (Spain, separatists)
  • Carlos V(144 clicks)
    Site devoted to a great king of Spain and of the Holy Roman Empire. In Spanish.
  • Charles Julian Bishko, The Spanish and Portuguese Reconquest, 1095-1492(126 clicks)
    From A History of the Crusades Vol. 3: The Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries Ed. Harry W. Hazard Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1975
  • Charles O'Malley: Wellington's Crossing of the Douro, 1809(148 clicks)
    Electronic version of an original document. O'Malley was with Wellington.
  • Christian Martyrs in Muslim Spain(123 clicks)
    Book by Kenneth Baxter Wolf.
  • Civil War Execution(137 clicks)
    Armand André Thily era un joven médico francés que apenas si había cumplido los veinticinco años de edad cuando vino a España. Los franquistas le hicieron prisionero y le condenaron a pena de muerte en consejo de guerra. A las seis y media de la mañana del quince de Febrero de 1938 le fusilaron ante las tapias del Hospital Militar de Oviedo.
  • Clare's Historical Spanish Page(137 clicks)
  • Crime and Society in Early Modern Seville(140 clicks)
    By Mary Elizabeth Perry
  • Cultural Encounters: The Impact of the Inquisition in Spain and the New World(144 clicks)
    Scholarly book edited by Mary Elizabeth Perry and Anne J. Cruz
  • Daughters of the Reconquest(119 clicks)
    Women in Castilian Town Society, 1100-1300 By Heath Dillard
  • Francisco Franco(171 clicks)
  • Francisco Franco(130 clicks)
  • Geo Critica(135 clicks)
    Geography journal from Spain
  • George Orwell is Shot by a Fascist Sniper(168 clicks)
  • Guerra Civil en Ferrol(124 clicks)
    Estudio sobre el alzamiento de 1936 y la represion en la guerra civil española en Ferrol (Coruña) y su comarca. Listas de fusilados. Campo de concentracion (listas de presos). Documentos, fotografias.
  • Guerra de la Independencia española 1808-1814(129 clicks)
    In Spanish. The Peninsular War was part of the larger Napoleonic Wars and freed Spain of French Imperial troops.
  • Hamilton, Earl J.(129 clicks)
    US Historian who authored American Treasurer and the Price Revolution in Spain
  • History of Catalonia(146 clicks)
    Catalans speak Spanish as a second language. the region had an independent history.
  • History of Spain and Portugal(118 clicks)
    A History of Spain and Portugal, Volume One and Two. By Stanley G. Payne
  • History of Spain: Primary Documents(193 clicks)
    Great resource with links
  • Iberian Roots of the Transatlantic Slave Trade, 1440-1640(180 clicks)
    by David Wheat
  • Images of Spain(122 clicks)
    Dr. Kris Lane presents images of Spain emphasizing olden days.
  • Inquisition and Society in the Kingdom of Valencia, 1478-1834(147 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Stephen Haliczer
  • Jews in the Notarial Culture: Latinate Wills in Mediterranean Spain, 1250-1350(143 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Robert I. Burns, S.J.
  • Kenneth Baxter Wolf, Christian Martyrs in Muslim Spain(153 clicks)
    Book. Originally published by Cambridge University Press, 1988
  • La Cucaracha: Spanish Civil War(161 clicks)
  • La Despedida: A Lost Memoir of the Spanish Civil War (147 clicks)
    by Dan Kaufman
  • La Guerra Civil Española, 1936-1939(121 clicks)
    In Spanish.
  • La Légende Noire au 18e Siècle, Le Monde Hispanique Vu du Dehors(116 clicks)
    By Ronald Hilton, Professeur Emérite, Stanford University Président, World Association of International Studies. A book in French published by the HTA Press. You need Adobe Acrobat to read the book.
  • Labyrinth Library: Iberian Texts(134 clicks)
    Historical and literary texts.
  • Letters of Philip II, King of Spain, 1592-97(133 clicks)
    "These letters from Philip II, King of Spain, mainly to Don Diego de Orellana de Chaves, Royal Governor of Spain's northern coast, date from the time of naval war against England and France, 1592 - 1597."
  • Library of Iberian Books Online(136 clicks)
    This site has numerous very good books in Iberian, mostly Spanish, history.
  • Like Wheat to the Miller(137 clicks)
    Subtitle: Community, Convivencia, and the Construction of Morisco Identity in Sixteenth-Century Aragon. Book by Mary Halavais
  • Muslim Spain and European Culture(167 clicks)
    The glories of Moorish culture in Spain and its impact on Europe.
  • Nos los Inquisidores(152 clicks)
    The Harley L. McDevitt Collection on the Spanish Inquisition at the University of Notre Dame. Exhibition.
  • Organization of Oceanic Empires: The Iberian World in the Habsburg Period(124 clicks)
    The Organization of Oceanic Empires: The Iberian World in the Habsburg Period (and a Bit Beyond) by Carla Rahn Phillips, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
  • Perry, Mary Elizabeth, and Anne J. Cruz, editors Cultural Encounters: The Impact of the Inquisition(141 clicks)
    Scholarly book
  • Prehistory in Spain(127 clicks)
    In Spanish
  • Renaissance Europe and Iberia(118 clicks)
  • Ruth Pike, Penal Servitude in Early Modern Spain(118 clicks)
    Book. Print edition: University of Wisconsin Press, 1983
  • SCRIPTORIVM, Historical Researches(117 clicks)
    Planning, management and consultant's office for the historical research on Spain and Latin America in Spanish and European archives. Catalogue elaboration of documentary series. Paleography.
  • Sephardic House(165 clicks)
    History of Sephardic Jews
  • Shots of War: Photojournalism During The Spanish Civil WarD(122 clicks)
  • Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies(123 clicks)
    The Society for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies (SSPHS) was founded in 1969 to promote research in all aspects and epochs of Iberian history and related disciplines.
  • Spain, 1492-1598(122 clicks)
    Analytical short narrative of Spain.
  • Spain: Primary Documents(174 clicks)
  • Spanish Armada(128 clicks)
    From the Catholic Encyclopedia
  • Spanish History(145 clicks)
    From the earliest human settlements to the present day.
  • Spanish History Index(121 clicks)
    The WWW-Virtual Library site for Spanish history.
  • Spanish Language History(190 clicks)
  • Spanish Succession, 1700-13(140 clicks)
  • Stanley Hilton, SPAIN, 1931-36, From Monarchy to Civil War(122 clicks)
    An eyewitness account. Hilton, a retired Stanford professor, was a traduate student when the war began. this is his account written years later.
  • Students and Society in Early Modern Spain(129 clicks)
    Book by Richard L.Kagan concerning the rise of educated peole in 16th century Castille.
  • The Chronicle of Alfonso the Emperor: A Translation of the Chronica Adefonsi imperatoris(125 clicks)
    By Glenn Edward Lipskey.
  • The Era of the Spanish Galleons(134 clicks)
    Ships, treasure, gunnery, and more
  • The Iberians(132 clicks)
    Notes on ancient and medieval groups of Spain.
  • The King Who Sent the Armada(194 clicks)
    Francis X. Rocca reviews Henry Kamen's Philip of Spain. An excellent essay.
  • The Moors(187 clicks)
    From Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport.
  • The Muslims of Valencia in the Age of Fernando and Isabel(132 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Mark D. Meyerson
  • The Peninsular War, 1808-1814(114 clicks)
    Includes other battles as well.
  • The Spanish Armada (1588)(145 clicks)
    "The Spanish Armada of 1588 explores the story of King Philip II of Spain's attempt to invade England, which resulted in what is regarded as the longest naval battle in history. The Spanish Armada of 1588 explains why the massive fleet of 130 ships failed in its mission to end English meddling in Spanish affairs and exposes many of the myths which have grown around the story of the Spanish Armada Campaign. With the aid of contemporary illustrations and eye-witness reports, this site vividly describes the tragic story of how this Great Enterprise descended into an apalling tale of human misery and suffering. The Spanish Armada of 1588 site also contains a searchable on-line database, containing records of over 300 ships involved in the Armada Campaign."
  • The Spanish Inquisition, 1478-1834(129 clicks)
    The Inquition was both an instrument to root out religious heresy as well as a means of enforcing political orthodoxy.
  • Via Vicentius Valentiae Via Romana(136 clicks)
  • Visionaries: The Spanish Republic and the Reign of Christ(134 clicks)
    Scholarly book by William A. Christian Jr.