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  • Ancient Greek Theatre(110 clicks)
  • Arms and the Woman: Just Warriors and Greek Feminist Identity(113 clicks)
    Book by Margaret Poulos
  • Athens, History of(112 clicks)
    Anagnosis Books
  • Brief review of the Maritime History of the Aegean(112 clicks)
    Begins in the 8th century B.C.
  • Greece: Primary Documents(158 clicks)
  • Greek nationalism, the "Megale Idea" and Venizelism to 1923(107 clicks)
    Part of the Twenty-Five Lectures on Modern Balkan History at Michigan State.
  • Greek Revolution 1821 - 1829(188 clicks)
  • Macedonia: The Historical Profile of Northern Greece(100 clicks)
    Articles and images
  • Minoan Civilization(131 clicks)
  • Minoan Civilzation-Wikipedia(143 clicks)
  • Preservation of Historical Records(113 clicks)
  • The Ancient City of Athens(130 clicks)
  • The Greek Revolution and the Greek State(124 clicks)
    "The Greek revolution and war of independence, which began in 1821, was the second of the "national revolutions" in the Balkans. Again we need to ask: to what degree was this a revolutionary change, and how "national" was it?"
  • The Hellenic Genocide - Quotes from historical documents and related Photos.(115 clicks)
    The work contains quotes from historical documents written during the time of the Hellenic Genocide and related photos. The site mentions the Armenians and Assyrians.
  • The Sophists(131 clicks)
  • Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection(113 clicks)
    The Tsakopoulos Hellenic Collection at the California State University, Sacramento Library is an extensive resource for research and study for the campus and Sacramento regional communities, as well as scholars and researchers nationally and internationally. With its focus on the Hellenic world, the Collection contains early through contemporary materials across the social sciences and humanities relating to Greece, its neighboring countries and the surrounding region. There is a broad representation of languages in the Collection, with a rich assortment of primary source materials.
  • Warfare in the Greek World(108 clicks)
    Links and bibliography.