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  • Christian Literature(159 clicks)
    Various Reformation authors.
  • Council of Trent(162 clicks)
    Canons and Decrees Edited By J. Waterworth (Chicago, 1848) Scanned by Hanover College students, 1995
  • Europe in the Age of the Reformation(185 clicks)
    This site is intended for multiple audiences: my students, other teachers, and the general public. Anyone is welcome to browse through any part of the site. Only the discussion area is restricted to students currently enrolled in the course.painting If you are just visiting, go to the Visitors Center.
  • Fire and Ice: Puritan and Reformed Writings(164 clicks)
    Table of Contents, Puritan Quote of the Week, Poetry, History & Biography
  • John Calvin, The Necessity of Reforming the Church (1543)(170 clicks)
    Based on an 1844 translation but updated and with chapter divisions and headings added.
  • Life of Martin Luther(169 clicks)
  • Martin Luther, Address to the Christian Nobility of the German Nation(164 clicks)
    This 1520 document comes from J.H. Robinson, ed. Readings in European History (Boston: Ginn, 1906), 2. Scanned and proofread by Monica Banas, 1996.
  • Reformation and Counter-Reformation(161 clicks)
    Essay by James Jackson.
  • The Reformation(205 clicks)
  • The Reformation(172 clicks)
    The Catholic Encyclopedia's analysis of the Reformation.