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  • Balkan Military History(116 clicks)
    "Balkan Military History is devoted to the study of the military history of the Balkans. It is edited by Dave Watson an amateur military historian and wargamer. It aims to promote the military history and wargaming of this fascinating part of Europe."
  • Balkans Reading List(125 clicks)
    Military Reading Lists suggests book. Not just war but also diplomacy. Links to other wars as well.
  • Croatia: Myth and Reality: The Final Chapter(125 clicks)
  • History of the Balkans in General(132 clicks)
    The World History Archives provides articles on Balkan nations.
  • Robert S. Gelbard, The Crisis in Kosovo(134 clicks)
    Statement to the House International Relations Committee, Washington, DC, July 23, 1998.
  • Serb Land of Montenegro(129 clicks)
    History of Montenegro
  • The Treaty of London (Extracts) April 26, 1915(118 clicks)
    Concerning the Balkans, this treaty, kept secret, divided up the Balkans.
  • Travels in Southeastern Europe(119 clicks)
    "This project is comprised of four accounts of travel in southeastern Europe, each of which contains a significant portion devoted to Bosnia and Hercegovina."