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  • Dull Knife, Cheyenne Chief(105 clicks)
    Biography from Charles A. Eastman (Ohiyesa), Indian Heroes And Great Chieftains.
  • Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site(129 clicks)
    "Established by Canadian fur trader John Grant, and expanded by cattle baron Conrad Kohrs, Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site commemorates the Western cattle industry from its 1850s inception through recent times. The park was enacted in 1972, and embraces 1,500 acres and 90 structures. The site is maintained today as a working ranch."
  • History of Southern Montana [book](110 clicks)
    by Al Noyes. "This book was published in 1915 by the State PublishingCo, Helena, MT. It was included in an edition of Dimsdale's Vigilantes of Montana, which also had some footnotes added by Al Noyes."
  • How Keno was born in Butte, Montana(126 clicks)
    Miners gambled in more ways than one. Chinese gambling led to Keno.
  • J. W. Smurr, Some Afterthoughts on the Vigilantes(123 clicks)
    from MONTANA, the Magazine of Western History Vol. 8 No. 2 April, 1958.
  • Montana Historical Society(102 clicks)
    The Montana Historical Society is the oldest historical organization in the West. Founded in 1865.
  • Montana History: The Story of Big Sky Country(98 clicks)
  • Montana Railroad History(106 clicks)
  • Ruth Mather, Was Dimsdale a Vigilante?(99 clicks)
    From Montana Journalism Review, Summer 1997. Concerns tht 1864 hangings of Sherrif Plummer and others.
  • The Trial of Henry Plummer(116 clicks)
    "One of the most extraordinary trials in Montana history took place inside the stately Madison County Courthouse in 1993. A posthumous trial was conducted for Henry Plummer, the elected Sheriff of Bannack and Virginia City. In the early part of 1864, Plummer was accused of being a leader of a gang of road agents. He was summarily executed without trial by vigilantes that same year. One-hundred-twenty-nine years later a group of young scholars from Twin Bridges, Montana, questioned the wisdom of the vigilantes and the guilt of Henry Plummer."
  • The Vigilantes of Montana [book](105 clicks)
    1866 book about vigilantes written by Thomas J. Dimsdale. Dimsdale justified their actions in Montana.
  • The Vigilantes of Montana: 1864 Revisited(116 clicks)
    Louis Schmittroth, "My aim is to describe the events, raise pertinent questions, and present what evidence there is to establish the truth, as far as possible 133 years after the Montana Vigilantes took the law into their own hands and hanged 21 men in January and February of 1864."
  • Vigilante Days and Ways [book](110 clicks)
    By Nathaniel Pitt Langford. Book written in 1864 or 1865. Vigilantes in Montana.
  • Vigilante Victims(105 clicks)
    by R. E. Mather and F. E. Boswell. "This book puts a human face on the men hanged by the Vigilantes in January and February of 1864, including the central figure, Henry Plummer. There is material in the book that has not appeared in print before, and is crucial to an understanding of the Vigilante era of Montana history."
  • Vigilantes of Montana(115 clicks)
    Subtitled Secret Trials and Midnight Hangings, 1863-1864.