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  • 5th Bn. 4th Arty. 1st Brigade 5th Infantry Division(185 clicks)
    Vietnam Red Devils
  • A Tribute to Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr.(150 clicks)
    "Colonel Harry G. Summers, Jr., was a soldier, scholar, military analyst, writer, editor and friend."
  • America in Vietnam(219 clicks)
    A book by Dr. John Guilmartin
  • Anti-Vietnam War Protests in the San Francisco Bay Area & Beyond(167 clicks)
  • Anti-War Movement in the United States(213 clicks)
    by Mark Barringer
  • Bibliography of the Vietnam War(153 clicks)
  • Books on Vietnam War(187 clicks)
    Military Reading List recommends books on the Vietnam War. Links to other wars as well.
  • Combat Area Casualties Current File (1957-1989), ordering(143 clicks)
    "The Center for Electronic Records, National Archives, reproduces and distributes copies of the Combat Area Casualties Current File (1957-1989). This file contains records with final data on U.S. military personnel who died as a result of hostilities (killed in action, died from wounds, died while missing, or died while captured) or other causes (died from injury or illness, nonhostile; died from other non-hostile causes; died while missing, non-hostile) in Cambodia, Communist China, Laos, North Vietnam, South Vietnam, or Thailand during the conflict in Southeast Asia."
  • Combat Tracker Teams(197 clicks)
    "The Combat Tracker Teams of the Viet Nam War, were small, highly-trained units usually consisting of four men and a Labrador Retriever. They were a composite group and cross-trained, enabling all members to complete the mission."
  • Congress, the President, and the Battle of Ideas: Vietnam Policy, 1965-1969(178 clicks)
  • Good Morning Vietnam(153 clicks)
    Interview: Flavie Hugh Ellison II; Interviewer: Betty Dotson Lewis; Date: March 13, 2002 10:30 am
  • History of Vietam and the Vietnam War(158 clicks)
    "This site offers much reading and research on Vietnam during its war years, as well as history on its development as a nation. You can read how its army was developed and how it fought. It includes unit history of Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force units that participated in the Vietnam War. A section is devoted to the Tet Offensive of 1968, one of the most misunderstood battles of the war."
  • LBJ and Vietnam: A Conversation(167 clicks)
  • Letters to Ngo Dinh Diem(148 clicks)
    Written by Eisenhower in 1954 and Kennedy in 1961.
  • Marines' Mighty Midget Over Vietnam(148 clicks)
    Douglas A-4 Skyhawks provided vital close air support for ground forces in Vietnam.
  • Mohawks in Vietnam(151 clicks)
    Role of these helicopter in the Vietnam War.
  • Nam Vet, Vol. 5, Number 10 (October 24, 1991)(146 clicks)
    Vietnam vets's electronic newsletter. Rare copy.
  • Nam Viet, Vol. 4, Number 1 (November 11, 1991)(144 clicks)
    rare copy of electronic newsletter.
  • Nam Viet, Vol. 5, Number 9 (September 17, 1991)(149 clicks)
    Rare copy of an electronic Vietnam veterans newsletter.
  • Research on Soul Alley & Plantation Rd.(147 clicks)
    TedTV a Houston based video production company is working on it's next documentary entitled, "Soul Alley," which focuses on the life of AWOL vets during the Vietnam War who lived on Soul Alley and Plantation Rd in Saigon near the Tan Son Nhut airbase. Please visit the Soul Alley club site to enter information that may help in the research of this documentary.
  • Soviet Involvement in the Vietnam War(144 clicks)
    Associated Press story.
  • The Bitter End(142 clicks)
    by Col. Harry G. Summers, Jr. in the magazine Vietnam.
  • The Coming of Age: The Role of the Helicopter in the Vietnam War(165 clicks)
    By Herbert Lepore. Presented to the Mid-America Conference on History, 17-19 September 1992, The University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas.
  • The Myth of the War Makers(142 clicks)
    "While the military is responsible for fighting a war, its civilian superiors not only wage war but also determine how it will be fought."
  • The Pentagon Papers(158 clicks)
    By Colonel William Wilson, U.S. Army (ret.). "The infamous Pentagon Papers give insights into the Johnson administration's thinking on the Vietnam War."
  • The Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association(181 clicks)
    Dedicated to the people who flew military helicopters in the Vietnam War.
  • The Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project Web(162 clicks)
    Lydia Fish's excellent site.
  • The Vietnam War Declassification Project(140 clicks)
    "To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the fall of Phnom Penh and Saigon, the staff of the Gerald R. Ford Library reviewed for possible declassification nearly 40,000 pages of National Security Adviser files. This exhibit illustrates the wealth of material now available for research."
  • The Virtual Wall(210 clicks)
    "Since March, 1997, the Virtual Wall has honored the 58,220 men and women named on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Each name or photo on our index pages links to a personal memorial, either on this site or on personal web sites elsewhere."
  • The Wars for Viet Nam(152 clicks)
    Primary documents and analyses
  • The Withdrawal From Khe Sanh(141 clicks)
    "Two months after withstanding the most ferocious siege of the Vietnam War, Khe Sanh was abandoned to the enemy."
  • U.S. Marines in Vietnam: Vietnamization and Redeployment, 1970-1971(183 clicks)
    Book from eHidtory
  • Under Fire: Images from Vietnam(150 clicks)
  • Vietnam Era: Music(165 clicks)
  • Vietnam Interactive Portfolio(145 clicks)
    By E. Kenneth Hoffman. Photos of Children, Montagnard Tribesmen, Military, Vietnamese People, Protest, et cetera, Shrines
  • Vietnam Memorial Database(154 clicks)
    From Everton Publishers. Searchable database.
  • Vietnam Project(181 clicks)
    The mission of the Vietnam Project at Texas Tech University is to support and encourage research and education regarding all aspects of the American Vietnam experience; promoting a greater understanding of this experience and the peoples and cultures of Southeast Asia. Its functions are threefold: collection and preservation of pertinent source material; education through exhibits, classroom instruction, educational programs, and publications; and encouragement of scholarly research through exchanges, publishing of noteworthy research, symposia, and financial support.
  • Vietnam Veterans Newsletter(151 clicks)
  • Vietnam Veterans Oral History and Folklore Project's bibliography(167 clicks)
  • Vietnam Wall Controversy(172 clicks)
    How should we remember a war that we "lost"? You may have been tear-choked as you touched or watched others touch "the Wall" at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the most visited war memorial in our nation's capital. Yet, this seemingly god-given shrine wears political feet of clay, and behind it lies a fierce controversy that re-opened the wounds of the war the memorial was designed to heal. Experience the evolution of the Vietnam Wall controversy by reading through a chronological list of documents divided into five rounds:
  • Vietnam War(147 clicks)
  • Vietnam War Bibliography(172 clicks)
    Extensive bibliography by Edwin E. Mo´se.
  • Vietnam War home movie of Subic Bay, Philippines re-supply trip, 1966-6(163 clicks)
  • Vietnam War Internet Project(144 clicks)
    "Providing information and documents about the various Indochina Wars and to the collection and electronic publication on the web of oral histories and memoirs of both those who served in and those who opposed those conflicts."
  • Vietnam War Veterans Page(144 clicks)
    A variety of information and services.
  • clicks)
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  • Visiting Yards(143 clicks)
    "Visiting Montagnard villages for evidence of the bubonic plague, a civilian entomologist gained insights into both their culture and his own."
  • VWAR-L(155 clicks)
    Listserv for Vietnam Vets
  • Walking in Charlie's Land(140 clicks)
    Essay about songs by Lydia Fish.
  • War Stories: A Sailor Remembers the Vietnam War(153 clicks)
    A brief memoir.
  • What Price Allies?(136 clicks)
    "When it came to Ferdinand Marcos and the Philippines, President Lyndon Johnson's quest for "More Flags" came at an exorbitant price."
  • White Shirts and Ties(143 clicks)
    "Data Processing Goes to War with IBM's Bachelor Computer Experts."
  • Wounded Four Times in Vietnam, Jim Morris(137 clicks)
    "Wounded four times in Vietnam and now a chronicler of that war, Jim Morris is still proud of his service there."
  • Writing Vietnam(137 clicks)
    At a conference "nationally recognized writers of fiction, memoir, poetry, journalism, and biography read from and discussed their works based on their experiences in the Vietnam War."
  • ZULU Platoon's Final Fight(133 clicks)
    "The SEAL platoon wanted revenge for a wounded comrade. What they almost got was their own annihilation."