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  • “The Origins of the Cold War”(162 clicks)
    "The Cold War was more than the product of post-World War II tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union argues John Lewis Gaddis, Robert A. Lovett Professor of History at Yale University. Rather, it was the product of events extending all the way back to the 1830s, when Alexis de Tocqueville predicted that Russia and the United States would become the world’s foremost powers. In this lecture, Gaddis examines U.S.-Soviet relations from the nineteenth century through the end of World War II, tracing the myriad causes of the Cold War."
  • 1948: The Alger Hiss Spy Case(151 clicks)
    "Fifty years later people still ask the question about Alger Hiss: Was he or wasn't he a Communist spy? By James Thomas Gay."
  • A Case of Love, Espionage, Deceit, and Betrayal(150 clicks)
    The story of the Rosenbergs. Crime Library.
  • American Cold War Veterans(139 clicks)
  • Battlefield: Vietnam(171 clicks)
  • Blacklists and Other Economic Sanctions(163 clicks)
    On the Red scare in the 1950s, the attack on the movie industry.
  • CNN's Cold War Experience: Espionage(155 clicks)
  • Cold War Bibliography(150 clicks)
    Revised 2-24-2000)"The Cold War has generated an enormous body of scholarship. Here we have organized some of it under several conceptual headings. Teachers seeking to add Cold War issues (especially related to science & technology) to their repertoires and young scholars exploring new research areas are encouraged to see the annotated bibliography sections first. In them we provide summaries of the top scholarship in the field."
  • Cold War Hot Links(138 clicks)
    David Price's metasite for links.
  • Cold War International History Project(151 clicks)
    From the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
  • Cold War Links on the Internet(160 clicks)
    Important links
  • Cold War Memorial Planned(156 clicks)
    Article by David Quick
  • Cold War Museum(166 clicks)
  • Cold War Policies, 1945-1991(146 clicks)
    Outline with links.
  • Cold War Recognition(188 clicks)
  • Coming in from the Cold: Military Heritage in the Cold War(138 clicks)
    Report on the Department of Defense Legacy Cold War Project
  • Documents Relating to the Cold War(175 clicks)
    Links organized by years.
  • Klaus Fuchs(149 clicks)
  • McCarran Act or Internal Security Act of 1950(164 clicks)
    Law passed to counter subversion. However, it tried to force conformity of thought.
  • Papers, Please! By YAEL A. STERNHELL (161 clicks)
  • Politics and Social Attitudes of the Cold War(146 clicks)
    "What exactly is a cold war? Well, according to the "Second College Edition of The American Heritage Dictionary" a cold war is a state of political tension and rivalry between nations, stopping short of actual full scale war.We're not going to debate that unprecise technical garble filled, and wordy definition of a cold war. What we wish to do is educate people about the politics and social attitudes of the cold war."
  • Race for the Superbomb(157 clicks)
    PBS Website about the race to create a bomb more powerful than the ones dropped on Japan.
  • Rosenberg Trial 1951(162 clicks)
    A Trial Account by Douglas Linder. Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were found guilty of espionage.
  • Rudolf Abel--Soviet Spy(140 clicks)
    Born in England, William A. Fisher, his birth name, spied on Britain and the United States for the USSR.
  • Senator Joe McCarthy: A Multimedia Celebration(138 clicks)
    Sound and video files.
  • Senator Joseph McCarthy(167 clicks)
    The Fight For America: Senator Joseph McCarthy By Jesse Friedman, 5th Revision, 3rd Edition. McCarthy was a demagogue who destroyed reputations.
  • Taking Off the Cold War Lens(139 clicks)
    Visions of North-South Conflict during the Algerian War for Independence by MATTHEW CONNELLY
  • Thaw in the Cold War:Eisenhower and Khrushchev at Gettysburg(160 clicks)
    " About This Lesson This lesson describes how President Eisenhower's personal diplomacy at his Gettysburg farm helped ease the tensions of the Cold War."
  • The Berlin Airlift(144 clicks)
    From the USAF Museum.
  • The Cold War and the Social Sciences: An Annotated Bibliography(143 clicks)
    From the ALA/ACRL/Anthropology & Sociology Section Annual Conference Program, San Francisco, CA June 29, 1997
  • The Cold War Begins(143 clicks)
    Did the Cold War begin at the Yalta Conference in 1945?
  • The Cold War Museum(155 clicks)
  • The Harvard Project on Cold War Studies(157 clicks)
    "The HPCWS promotes archival research in former East-bloc countries and seeks to expand and enrich what is known about Cold War events and themes."
  • the Master of Disguise: My Secret Life in the CIA(171 clicks)
    "Antonio J. Mendez is a CIA Trailblazer, a career spy who served in the murky field of espionage as a career intelligence officer. Adept at the art of deception and illusion, creative in the use of disguise, he moved the CIA's most sensitive agents clandestinely through international borders in daring top secret exfiltration operations."
  • Truman, Harriman, and Psychology: The Origins of the Cold War(158 clicks)
  • U.S. History: The Cold War(139 clicks)
    Excellent site from the University of Victoria. Historical Topics; Treaties and Documents; The Atomic Age; The Soviet Role.
  • U.S. News Archive(135 clicks)
    A collection of articles on Cold War history
  • USAFE Berlin Airlift Web Site(146 clicks)
    Facts & Figures|Photos|Related Sites