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  • Books about Kansas(170 clicks)
    From Lynn Nelson's Carrie Collection.
  • Brainerd, Kansas: Time, Place and Memory on the Prairie Plains(156 clicks)
    Drawing upon a series of oral history interviews, digitized family and community photos and many primary and secondary sources, the Web site ( paints a portrait of a tiny southeastern Kansas community (current population -- 50) which was passed over by the railroad in 1889 but continued to endure. In an effort to understand the forces that enabled Brainerd to survive in the face of onrushing change, the site investigates the complex, often individual relationships between memory and place, while telling the many stories of Brainerd unearthed in interviews, letters, local records and maps.
  • Commerce of the Prairies(156 clicks)
    By Josiah A. Gregg in 1844 and 1845. Sante Fe Trail. New Mexico.
  • Cool tyhings: Barbed Wire(143 clicks)
  • Gunfight at Hide Park--Newton, Kansas(154 clicks)
    Newton's General Massacre, August 19, 1871
  • Kansas Heritage Group(151 clicks)
  • Kansas Historical Society(141 clicks)
  • Lawrence, Kansas(168 clicks)
    Links to history
  • Orphan Trains of Kansas(173 clicks)
    "Beginning in 1854, charitable institutions in New York City began sending orphans on trains to the west to find new families, feeling that the children would fare better out west than on the streets of New York. Orphan trains arrived in Kansas between 1867 and 1930, and some 5000-6000 children were placed in Kansas homes....."
  • Potato Sacks(145 clicks)
    By Lynn H. Nelson
  • Santa Fe Trail Research Site(136 clicks)
    Within this website you will find information about the Santa Fe Trail as it makes it way through the west half of the State of Kansas. You can read about the mapping and marking projects that are on going. Read about and see the markers placed at locations of importance along this part of the Trail. Places where Santa Fe Trail ruts can still be seen, even after the Trail has been gone for over one hundred and twenty five years. We hope this website will help you understand our part of the Old Santa Fe Road, the part that runs through McPherson, Rice, Barton, Pawnee, Edwards, Ford, Gray, Finney, Kearny, Hamilton, Haskell, Grant, Stanton, Stevens, and Morton also parts Ellis, Rush, Hodgeman, Ness and Ford Counties in the State of Kansas.
  • Sara T. L. Robinson, Kansas: Its Interior and Exterior Life(163 clicks)