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  • Florida Historical Quarterly Podcast(138 clicks)
  • FLORIDA: Pepper v. Sholtz v. Wilcox(127 clicks)
    May 2, 1938 Time Magazine article
  • 450 Anniversary of the French in Florida(136 clicks)
  • Amazingly Low Coast of a Jacksonville Vacation(129 clicks)
  • Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway from Jacksonville to Miami(135 clicks)
    by William G. Crawford, Jr.
  • Behind Closed Doors(127 clicks)
    The Dark Legacy of the Johns Committee . The legacy of a Anti-American right-wing nutcase.
  • Book of Jacksonville(131 clicks)
  • British Plantations and Farms on the St. Johns River, East Florida, 1763-1784(131 clicks)
    This digital history website locates and documents many of the St. Johns River farms and plantations established on the St. Johns River between 1763 and 1784, the years Britain controlled East Florida.
  • BROADCASTING PIONEERS: The Oral History Project(128 clicks)
  • Burned into Memory: An African American Recalls Mob Violence in Early 20th century Florida(130 clicks)
  • Carpet bag rule in Florida.(144 clicks)
    The inside workings of the reconstruction of civil government in Florida after the close of the civil war. By John Wallace... Published 1888 by Da Costa printing and publishing house in Jacksonville, Fla .
  • Civil Rights Library of St. Augustine(130 clicks)
  • Claude Pepper(139 clicks)
    A distinguished and influential politician.
  • Conchologists of America --Shell Indians(149 clicks)
  • Department of Corrections History(152 clicks)
  • Desegregating the University of Florida, 1950 to the Present(134 clicks)
  • Dixie Highway Comes to Florida(142 clicks)
  • Dora (1964) Aftermath(207 clicks)
    YouTube video
  • Dora (1964), Part 1 (164 clicks)
  • Dora, Hurricane, 1964(263 clicks)
  • Dr. Andrew Turnbull and the New Smyrna colony of Florida(127 clicks)
    by Carita Doggett Published 1919 by The Drew Press in [Jacksonville, Fla .
  • Duval County, 1885(122 clicks)
  • English Plantations on the St. Johns River(117 clicks)
  • Florida 1975(127 clicks)
    film clip
  • Florida Annual(144 clicks)
    Published 1886 in New York .
  • Florida Atlas of Historical County Boundaries(123 clicks)
  • Florida Ballots Project(128 clicks)
    A group of the largest news organizations in the United States selected NORC to provide the definitive picture of the Florida ballots in the uncertified presidential election of November 2000. The media group chose NORC for this work because of NORC's long-standing reputation for nonpartisan, objective, and analytically rigorous data collection and analysis.
  • Florida Cigars: Artistry, Labor, and Politics in Florida’s Oldest Industry(134 clicks)
    Commercial cigar rolling first came to Florida in the 1830s and in the decades after the Civil War it became one of the most important industries in the southeastern United States. Cigar rolling grew from small-scale operations started by Cuban immigrants to encompass large, factory operations that attracted immigrants from throughout Europe and Latin America to Florida’s growing cities.
  • Florida Corrections: 1821-present(154 clicks)
    Florida prison system. Photographs
  • Florida Facts and History(149 clicks)
    From Florida Department of State
  • Florida Folklife from the WPA Collections, 1937-1942(128 clicks)
    "Florida Folklife from the WPA Collections is a multiformat ethnographic field collection documenting African-American, Arabic, Bahamian, British-American, Cuban, Greek, Italian, Minorcan, Seminole, and Slavic cultures throughout Florida. "
  • Florida Gulf Coast(131 clicks)
    Short biographies and photos plus more.
  • Florida Heritage Collection(131 clicks)
    Excellent resources
  • Florida Historic Places(138 clicks)
  • Florida Historical Quarterly(135 clicks)
  • Florida History Article(146 clicks)
    A fun collection of articles by Frank D. Howard, Ph.D., 11/7/32 - 1/8/98
  • Florida History in the P. K. Yonge Library(136 clicks)
    Florida History Collection Arranged by Topic. This is a library guide.
  • Florida History Internet Center(132 clicks)
  • Florida History Museum(139 clicks)
    Official site
  • Florida History Network(127 clicks)
  • Florida in the 1920's(164 clicks)
  • Florida Jewish History Month(133 clicks)
  • Florida Keys(136 clicks)
    History of communities and wildlife
  • Florida Memory Project(137 clicks)
    The Florida Memory Project presents a selection of historical records that illustrate significant moments in Florida history, educational resources for students of all ages and archival collections for historical research.
  • Florida Photographic Collection(129 clicks)
    . The collection spans a wide range of visual images from copies of mid 15th Century maps to current photographs. Most of the holdings in the collection have been obtained singly or in small groups. Together, they form the most complete portrait of Florida available--one that draws its strength from family pictures, the homes of Floridians, their work, and their pastimes.
  • Florida's Black History(146 clicks)
    by G. K. Sharman
  • Florida's Lost Tourist Attractions(134 clicks)
    Roadside attractions
  • Florida's Transportation History - Rail(160 clicks)
  • Florida, 1960(129 clicks)
    Florida - Atlas ICBM launched at Cape Canaveral, tape recorder running, carried payload of research instruments 9000 miles to Indian Ocean, "longest surface-to-surface rocket ever achieved."
  • Florida’s New Deal Historic Resources(130 clicks)
  • Floripedia(134 clicks)
    Encyclopedia of Florida History
  • Follow The Crowds: How Flagler & Plant Changed Florida(171 clicks)
    YouTube video. Good
  • Ford Assembly Plant, Jacksonville(125 clicks)
  • Freedom Never Dies(143 clicks)
    The Legacy of Harry Moore
  • Freedom Never Dies: the Lagacy of Harry T. Moore(155 clicks)
    By 1951, however, the Florida Klan was at a crossroads. Harry T. Moore's Progressive Voters' League had registered 100,000 new black voters in the Democratic Party; NAACP branches were challenging Jim Crow ordinances over the use of public golf courses, swimming pools, and libraries; and the 1951 Florida Legislature passed an anti-mask ordinance by an overwhelming margin. The Klan responded with a rash of cross burnings and floggings from the Florida Panhandle to Miami; Hendrix declared war on "hate groups," including the NAACP, B'nai B'rith, the Catholic church, and the Federal Council of Churches of Christ; and then declared himself a candidate for governor. By the summer, the Klan began trying to roll back progress with sticks of 60 percent dynamite, with so many bombings, or attempted bombings, that the northern press dubbed it "The Florida Terror." The Moore bombing turned out to be the twelfth bombing of the year.
  • From the River to the Sea Upwardly Mobile Minorcans and Florida's First Beachside Development(150 clicks)
    by Sandie A. Stratton and Stacey A. Cannington
  • Gallery: Ribault Monument(127 clicks)
    Photod and texts about the European settlement of Florida
  • Guana River History(127 clicks)
  • Guide to Civil War Records at the State Archives of Florida(125 clicks)
  • H-FLORIDA(147 clicks)
    Academic discussion list about Florida history and culture.
  • Highlights of Florida History(143 clicks)
  • Historic Topographic Quadrangles of Northeast Florida(129 clicks)
    This series of 15-minute quads was surveyed in 1918-19.
  • Historical Museum of Southern Florida(139 clicks)
  • History of Bay County(133 clicks)
    By Kaye Maddox and Sandi King, Tommy Smith Elementary School. A very good site.
  • History of Florida Times_Union(122 clicks)
    a brief sketch of the main newspaper of Jacksonville Florida
  • History of Jacksonville(162 clicks)
  • History of Jacksonville Beach, Florida(164 clicks)
    The oldest of the beach communities
  • History of Jupiter, Florida(145 clicks)
    Includes links to other sites
  • History of Marion County(138 clicks)
    Ocala and environs. Presented by the Star-Banner.
  • History of St. Augustine(116 clicks)
    Part of a commercial website but gives a good introduction.
  • Houston Street: Jacksonville's Red Light District(151 clicks)
  • Hurricane Dora 1964 WCKT Part 2 (131 clicks)
  • It's Another Day in Paradise(129 clicks)
    Photos of Cocoa Beach, Florida
  • J. C. Penney and the development of Penney Farms, Florida (1924-1934)(143 clicks)
  • Jacksonville and Florida facts (1906)(135 clicks)
  • Jacksonville Baseball Grounds(135 clicks)
    Jacksonville pro baseball was founded in 1904. It began when the Jacksonville Jays participated in the South Atlantic League.
  • Jacksonville Beaches & WWI Veterans(118 clicks)
    Who were they? An HTA article.
  • Jacksonville History(293 clicks)
    Short essays
  • Jacksonville Radio History(117 clicks)
  • Jacksonville, Florida 1892(127 clicks)
  • Jukin' It Out: Contesting Visions of Florida in New Deal Narratives(128 clicks)
    This web site explores the issues of narrative and representation in two New Deal cultural projects. Through the work of the Federal Writers' Project in Florida and photographs taken by the Farm Security Administration, I use the image of Florida to work out larger questions about a "nation of communities," documentary expression in the 1930s, and the politics of public history.
  • Lake County Historical Museum(125 clicks)
  • Last Slave Ships, The(120 clicks)
    Key West Cemetery
  • Last Thanksgiving Dinner At Southside, The(128 clicks)
    By Joe Pickett, Former Station Librarian
    Editor's note: the following article is a reprint of an article that chronicles the history of Naval Station Mayport over the past several decades.
  • Letters of Montiano, siege of St. Augustine(132 clicks)
    Published 1909 by Pub. by the Georgia historical society, Savannah morning news in Savannah, Ga .
  • Live Towns and Progressive Men of Florida(131 clicks)
    1887 book
  • Look Out--Cows in the Road(124 clicks)
    by Frank Howard, February 22, 1995. Florida in 1937.
  • Maple Leaf Shipwreck(135 clicks)
    The Wreck of the Maple Leaf is unsurpassed as a source for Civil War material culture. The site combines one of the largest ships sunk during the war, carrying all the worldly goods of more than a thousand soldiers, with a river bottom environment that perfectly preserved the ship and cargo. It is the most important repository of Civil War artifacts ever found and probably will remain so. Considered among Florida shipwrecks, Maple Leaf is probably the best preserved site in Florida..... Edwin C. Bearss, Chief Historian, United States Department of Interior, National Park Service
  • Maps of Spanish Florida(132 clicks)
  • Maritime Insights from St. Augustine's British Period Documentary Records(130 clicks)
  • Melbourne History(150 clicks)
  • Migrant Workers During the Great Depression in Florida(150 clicks)
    These images were created by the New Deal program, the Farm Security Administration (originally the Resettlement Administration) in order to document the hardships of farm workers during the Great Depression. The original images are stored in the Farm Security Administration Collection at the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.
  • Mosquito Beaters(143 clicks)
    Brevard County, Florida
  • Naval Station Mayport History(128 clicks)
    Jacksonville, Florida
  • New Deal Guide(124 clicks)
    New Deal Guide
  • New Smyrna Beach Historical Museum(140 clicks)
  • New World in a State of Nature(133 clicks)
    John Bartram’s Travels on the St. Johns River, 1765-1766
  • Old Spanish Cemetery, Mayport(136 clicks)
  • Oral History, Samuel Proctor Program(120 clicks)
    YouTube videos
  • Palm Beach County History Online(128 clicks)
  • Pensapedia(176 clicks)
    Pensapedia is a wiki-based encyclopedia focusing on Pensacola, Florida and the surrounding area, featuring articles on history, culture, business, and more.
  • Photographs, Florida Collection(120 clicks)
    Jacksonville Public Library
  • Podcasts, Florida Folklife Collection(135 clicks)
  • Postcards : Florida Collection(130 clicks)
    Jacksonville Public Library
  • Putnam County Florida(160 clicks)
    Famous buildings in Palatka
  • Rebellion: Black Seminoles(145 clicks)
    John Horse and the Black Seminoles, the first black rebels to beat American slavery
  • Rebellion:John Horse and the Black Seminoles, First Black Rebels to Beat American Slavery(140 clicks)
  • Remembering Furchgott's Department Store(156 clicks)
  • RICHES of Central Florida(157 clicks)
  • S. S. Gulf America(141 clicks)
  • San Marco Preservation Society, Jacksonville(142 clicks)
  • Seeing Jacksonville - Busch Auto Tours - pamphlet, 1913(124 clicks)
  • Selling, Telling, and Yelling: Florida broadsides and other ephemera, 1800-2000 (142 clicks)
  • Senate Speeches of the Claude Pepper Collection(126 clicks)
    "The Claude Pepper Library provides online access to portions of the congressional papers of the late U.S. Senator Claude Pepper through the the Pepper Online Archival Retrieval and Information System (POLARIS). This system allows researchers to search and browse the full text of selected documents from the Senate Speeches of Claude Pepper. POLARIS provides patrons with the ability to retrieve, view, and print the full text and page images for digitized documents and the descriptive keywords used to index those documents that are not available in digital form."
  • Shadows of the Past: Mysteries from Florida’s History(152 clicks)
  • Southeast Volusia Historical Society(136 clicks)
  • Spain Florida Foundation(125 clicks)
  • Spaniards in Florida(123 clicks)
    he Spaniards in Florida comprising the notable settlement of the Huguenots in 1564, and the history and antiquities of St. Augustine, founded a.d. 1565. By George R. Fairbanks. Published 1868 by C. Drew in Jacksonville, Fla .
  • St Augustine Race Riot, 1964(147 clicks)
  • St Augustine, History of(141 clicks)
  • St. Augustine(143 clicks)
    "This exhibit was funded in part with historic preservation grant assistance provided by the Bureau of Historic Preservation, Florida Department of State, assisted by the Historic Preservation Advisory Council. Additional funds were provided by the Florida Museum of Natural History at the University of Florida."
  • St. Augustine 1886 Death Permits, St. Augustine Florida(137 clicks)
  • St. Augustine: A Brief Historical Overview(127 clicks)
  • State Library and Archives of Florida's photostream (148 clicks)
  • Steamships of Jacksonville, The(133 clicks)
  • Stetson Kennedy(142 clicks)
    "Stetson Kennedy (born October 5, 1916 in Jacksonville, Florida) is an award-winning author and human rights activist. Kennedy is also known as a pioneering folklorist, a labor activist, and environmentalist. He is the author of the books: Palmetto Country, Southern Exposure, The Jim Crow Guide, The Klan Unmasked, and After Appomattox. He is co-author, with Peggy A. Bulger and Tina Bucuvalas, of South Florida Folklife."
  • Tallahassee History(134 clicks)
    Before the arrival of the Spanish, French, or English colonists to the North Florida area, the earliest inhabitants were the Apalachee Indians.
  • Tampa Bay History Center(137 clicks)
  • Tampa Bay Hotel(133 clicks)
    When Henry B. Plant brought the railroad to Tampa in 1884...
  • The Committee(137 clicks)
    The Charley Johns Committee hurt Floirda
  • The Floridians(143 clicks)
    A social history of Florida
  • The King's and Pablo Roads: Florida's First Highways(133 clicks)
  • The Menorcan Cultural Society(143 clicks)
    The Menorcan Cultural Society becomes involved in all things connected with the Menorcan name, whether invited or not, and will continue to struggle to see that all information on the Menorcans of Florida is accurate and properly presented.
    Master's thesis.
  • The Oldest House(127 clicks)
    The Gonzalez-Alvarez House [St. Augustine], known to generations of tourists and towns people as "The Oldest House," is one of the country's most-studied and best-documented old houses.
  • The South Florida Railroad(133 clicks)
  • The South: The Outrage of Decent Men(126 clicks)
    Time Magazine. 1958 Jacksonville, Florida terrorist bombing
  • To Be A Good All-Round Man(120 clicks)
  • Vero Beach(145 clicks)
    A brief history.
  • Webb's Jacksonville city directory, 1878-9(168 clicks)
  • Webb's.City(138 clicks)
    World's most unusual drugstore
  • When Worlds Collided: Native Peoples of the Caribbean and Florida in the Early Colonial Period(161 clicks)
  • World's Finest Beach, an HTA Press Book(123 clicks)
    by Donald J. Mabry. A zipped version the the Web book in pdf (ADOBE) format. It can be read online as well.
  • Ybor City(121 clicks)
  • Yellow Jack in Jacksonville(141 clicks)
    The yellow fever epidemic of 1888.