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  • Bad King Herod(179 clicks)
    "Israel will turn 50 this year, so it is a relatively young country. But visitors there can find traces of events that occurred in the region some 2,000 years ago, when Herod was King of Judea."
  • British White Paper of June 1922(204 clicks)
    Statement that Palestine will be Palestine and not a Jewish state.
  • Civilization nd the Jews(176 clicks)
  • Early Christianity(181 clicks)
    By Richard Hooker
  • Gath of the Philistines(174 clicks)
    The website of the archaeological excavations of Tell es-Safi in Israel.
  • Henry Kissinger to Iraq in 1975: "We Can Reduce Israel's Size"(199 clicks)
    Middle East Quarterly
  • History of the Israeli Defense Force(173 clicks)
    Detailed history.
  • Israel CIA - State Department Files(178 clicks)
    9,500 pages of CIA and State Department files covering Israel and conflicts in the Middle East.
  • Jewish History Resource Center(186 clicks)
    The Jewish History Resource Center is a project of the Dinur Center for Research in Jewish History, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The site is a general portal for Jewish history, with links to over 6000 sites that are relevant to the field. All sites have been visited by the staff of the Center and deemed relevant to the study of Jewish history. The site is searchable by historical period, from 'Biblical' to 'Modern', and includes a 'Timelines in Jewish History' section, which is unfortunately marred by some defunct links. The site also contains information about the Dinur Center, including lists of completed dissertations at the Hebrew University, which are searchable by subject. The site's newest addition is the Dinur Center Newsletter online in pdf format. Of greatest interest to the researcher is a page devoted to online texts and documents related to Jewish history; this set of primary documents are organised according to time period, from Biblical times to the present. There is also an online historical maps and atlases section that is similarly organised. Together, these resources make the site an important teaching tool. There is further information on lectures, conferences, grants, and professors. The links are categorized according to worldwide academic programs and professional associations in Jewish history, centers and institutions, geneaology, Jewish communities, journals, museums and exhibits, publishers, societies, and women's studies. It is also possible to add links. There is a search tool for both the site and the web. The site features Spanish and Hebrew menus, but no other translations; the translated menus take a long time to load. In general this is a useful site for its wealth of links and easy navigation, and its function as an indispensable resource for researchers, teachers, and students in the whole range of Jewish history.
  • Jewish People(172 clicks)
    Links to museums
  • Jewish Virtual Library(178 clicks)
    "Welcome to the American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise's Jewish Virtual Library, your source for information about Jewish history, Israel, U.S.-Israel relations, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism and Judaism. This is not just a historical archive, it is also the place to find talking points on breaking news. When an issue comes to the fore whether political or religious and you need data fast, this is the first place you should look."
  • State of Israel(183 clicks)
    Links to museums, etc.
  • The Israel-Argentina Yellowcake Connection(187 clicks)
  • Timeline for the History of Judaism(188 clicks)
    Part of a larger site