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  • Center for Korean History(164 clicks)
    From Hawaii
  • Democratic Republic of North Korea(181 clicks)
    Official site of North Korea .The dictator of North Korea
  • Diary: Jon Cannon(152 clicks)
    London Review of Books, Vol. 22 No. 15 ∑ 10 August 2000. pages 42-43 | 4280 words
  • Digital Images of Korean Documents(134 clicks)
  • Eyewitness: A North Korean Remembers(186 clicks)
  • Kim Il-Sung(149 clicks)
  • Korean Art(158 clicks)
    Korean Art: Collecting Treasures presents bronzes, ceramics, furniture, paintings, prints and sculpture from the Harnís collections. The exhibition features donations from General James Van Fleet (1892-1992) to the Harn in 1988. Highlights from the Van Fleet collection include hanging scroll masterpieces by Kim Hongdo (1745 - c.1806), Jang Seung-eop (1843-1897), and Kim Eunho (1892-1979), each noteworthy for their quality and rarity in Western collections.
  • Korean History(210 clicks)
    YouTube video on Korean history
  • Korean History(147 clicks)
  • Korean History Project(140 clicks)
    Ancient times to the present
  • Korean History Project(151 clicks)
    "The Korean History Project is an educational organization dedicated to the research, production and online publication of Korean and East Asian history, to promoting history education and cultural understanding, and to making this valuable history resource easily accessible to a worldwide audience."
  • Korean Studies(153 clicks)
  • Korean War(190 clicks)
    Article on how it started.
  • The Korean Council for the Women Drafted for Military Sexual Slavery by Japan(149 clicks)
    In English or Korean.
  • The Origin of the North Korean Regime(158 clicks)
    From Koreascope