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  • CIA Confirms Role in 1953 Iran Coup(197 clicks)
  • Cuneiform Inscriptions(168 clicks)
  • Cyrus the Great ( 580-529 BC)(158 clicks)
    The great Persian ruler.
  • Grandpa's Black Golds(154 clicks)
    When I was younger my great grandfather used to tell me stories about when he and his brother went to Persia to work for BP in the 1920's. He initially was a driver of one of the Caterpillar trains delivering supplies and equipment to the drilling crews in the desert. The photograph below to the right shows my great grandfather with his brother performing some routine maintenance.
  • Iran CIA - State Department Files(156 clicks)
    4,600 pages of CIA and State Department files covering Iran
  • Iranian Oral History Project(170 clicks)
  • Iranian Supremacy Manifesto of 'Greater Iran'(195 clicks)
    The secretary-general of the Hezbollah-Iran organization, Ayatollah Mohammad Baqer Kharrazi, who is an elite member of Iran's Islamic regime,[1] recently published an article on the organization's website discussing the need to reestablish "Greater Iran," stretching from Palestine to Afghanistan and based on the pre-Islamic Persian Empire,[2] as a preparatory stage for the coming of the Mahdi – the Hidden Imam (the Shi'ite Messiah). In his article, Ayatollah Kharrazi stresses Iran's superiority over the Arabs and the other peoples in the region
  • Iran’s Nuclear Program – Then and Now(194 clicks)
  • Race, Slavery & Abolition in Iran(177 clicks)
  • Secret CIA History of the 1953 Iran Coup(188 clicks)
  • The 1979 Iranian Revolution(170 clicks)
    The BBC presents the story of the revolution that brought Ayatollah Khomeini and his conservatives to power.
  • The Institute for Iranian Contemporary Historical Studies(158 clicks)
    Contemporary history of Iran.
  • The Parthian Empire(159 clicks)
    "The Parthian Empire is a fascinating period of Persian history closely connected to Greece and Rome. Ruling from 247 B.C. to A.D. 228 in ancient Persia (Iran), the Parthians defeated Alexander the Great's successors, the Seleucids, conquered most of the Middle East and southwest Asia, and built Parthia into an Eastern superpower. The Parthian empire revived the greatness of the Achaemenid empire and counterbalanced Rome's hegemony in the West. Parthia at one time occupied areas now in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaidzhan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and Israel."
  • U.S.-Iran: Lessons from an Earlier War(186 clicks)