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  • Mongolia: The Legacy of Chinggis Khan(200 clicks)
    In the West, Mongolia evokes the name of Chinggis Khan (also known by the Persianized spelling of his name, Genghis Khan) and his thirteenth century conquest of the most of the known world. His empire extended from the Mediterranean Sea to the Pacific Ocean, and the reputation of Chinggis' ruthless hordes of soldiers has endured until today. This exhibition presents a different picture of Mongolia. A nomadic people who have for centuries managed to survive in an unforgiving environment, the Mongols are also followers of Tibetan Buddhism who were first converted in the late thirteenth century. In this exhibition, little-known secular and religious works of art from Mongolia's museums will be seen in America for the first time, an event made possible by Mongolia's recent emergence Soviet control in 1990.
  • Mongols in World History(192 clicks)
  • Sympathy For The Mongols(171 clicks)
    Sympathy For The Mongols & How The Rise Of The West Was Sheer Dumb Luck by Daniel Foss
  • The Mongol Empire(172 clicks)
    "The origin of the Mongols is unknown. The earliest reference to them by name is in a document of the Chinese T'ang Dynasty (618-907). By the 13th century these nomadic tribes had become a powerful military force. Under the leadership of Genghis Khan and his successors, they established an empire that reached from what is now China and Korea in the east to Eastern Europe and the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the west."