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  • Beauty and Darkness(158 clicks)
    History of the Khmer People
  • Beauty and Darkness: The Odyssey of the Khmer People(166 clicks)
    "This site is designed to provide information on the recent history of Cambodia, particulary the Khmer Rouge period. This includes not only materials pertaining to Cambodia, but information relating to Cambodian refugees and immigrants abroad, as well."
  • Cambodian Genocide Program(161 clicks)
    A Yale University project.
  • Digital Archive Of Cambodian Holocaust Survivors, The(166 clicks)
    In the loving memories of the Cambodian people who died under the Khmer Rouge Regime from 1975 to 1979, we, Khmers and concerned friends of Cambodia, have formed an ad hoc group to establish the Digital Archive of Cambodian Holocaust Survivors. We call upon you to participate in the preservation and protection of the memories of Cambodian holocaust survivors of Angkar.
  • Digital Archive of Of Cambodian Holocaust Survivor(161 clicks)