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  • Armenia and Armenians(199 clicks)
    By Dennis R. Papazian, Professor of History, The University of Michigan, Dearborn
  • Armenia History(201 clicks)
  • Armenia history(196 clicks)
    From the Armenian embassy in Washington, DC
  • Armenia Virtual Library(204 clicks)
    From the The World-Wide Web Virtual Library.
  • Armenian Highland(200 clicks)
  • Armenian History section of Armenian Electronic Library(191 clicks)
    Online books and documents about the history of Armenia and Armenian genocide in Turkey.
  • Armenian National Institute(190 clicks)
    Dedicated to the study of the Armenian genocide.
  • ArmenianHistory.infp(182 clicks)
    40 centuries
  • History Workshop(196 clicks)
    Selected Writings; Historical Sources; Chronologies
  • Photos of Armenia(206 clicks)
    The pictures taken by John Elder between 1917 and 1919 constitute a rare photo documentation of the conditions in Armenia during some of the most trying years in the history of the Armenian people.
  • The Armenian Enlightenment Chronicle(194 clicks)
    Covers 6,000 years
  • The Armenians - Shadow of a Forgotten Genocide(182 clicks)
  • The Armenians in the Ottoman Empire and the Policies of the Great Powers(200 clicks)
    The Armenian File By Kamuran Gürün. A Turkish point of view.
  • Vartkes's List(193 clicks)
    Of the million or more Armenians executed by Ottoman Turks 90 years ago, thousands had insurance from New York Life. A slip-and-fall lawyer uncovered the list of policyholders and, by forcing the company to pay their heirs, gave voice to the victims of genocide.