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  • A cut above: 19th-century text used to train samurai warriors deciphered(194 clicks)
  • A Premodern History of Odawara(141 clicks)
    Small city southwest of Tokyo
  • Ainu Language and Japan's Ancient History(131 clicks)
    Explores the little-discussed genealogical relationship between the Japanese people and the Ainu minority of northern Japan.
  • Ainu Museum(134 clicks)
  • Bibilography of Japanese History Up to 1912(142 clicks)
    This is a completely revised edition of a bibliography of Japanese history up to the end of the Meiji period which I compiled in 1996 and which was made available to interested parties in a soft cover for a nominal fee. There is no copyright attached to it, and you may print it out or use it in any way you wish.
  • Children of Hiroshima (1952)(162 clicks)
    Film by Kaneto Shindo
  • China Finds Evidence Of Japanese Germ Warfare During WWII(146 clicks)
    1942 in the eastern Chinese village of Zhaiqian
  • Demons from Hiroshima(140 clicks)
    The 39th division from Hiroshima conducted massacres in Central China. They murdered hundreds of thousands of civilians near Changsha, China.
  • Diaries of Court Ladies of Old Japan(222 clicks)
    Book published in 1920
  • Digital Archive of Japan's Disasters 2011(160 clicks)
  • Diplomatic Record Office(155 clicks)
    " The Diplomatic Record Office was opened on April 15,1971 as an archive facility of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Since 1868, the first year of the Meiji Period, the Foreign Ministry has kept, classified, and preserved records of the Ministry and has paid great attention to the compilation and publication of such documents."
  • Doing Photography and Social Research in the Allied Occupation of Japan, 1948-1951(137 clicks)
    A Personal and Professional Memoir by John W. Bennett
  • East Asian History at the University of Erfurt(141 clicks)
    Materials and links
  • Edo, Japan: A Virtual Tour(135 clicks)
    A clever interactive site on Edo (now Tokyo).
  • Ending the War Against Japan: Science, Morality, and the Atomic Bomb(128 clicks)
    "A five-day classroom unit...seeks to go beyond the well-worn question, "Should the atomic bomb have been dropped on Japan?" Rather, the unit allows students to examine primary source materials and background information available to U.S. decision-makers in mid-1945 to reconstruct both the scientific odyssey which produced the bomb and the debate within the Truman administration on whether the bomb should have been used against Japan and how."
  • H-JAPAN(168 clicks)
    The Japan discussion list from H-NET. Searchable.
  • Herbert Geddes fonds of Life in Japan circa 1910(139 clicks)
    The collection consists of photographic glass-plate transparencies depicting life in Japan, including scenery, street scenes, workers, farming, fishing, silk production, stone carvers, wood carvers, metal workers, potters, and artists.
  • History of Japan(136 clicks)
    From About.Com. Lots of links
  • History of the Japanese Automotive Industry(142 clicks)
    Fascinating site with photos.
  • J Guide: Stanford Guide to Japan Information Resources(150 clicks)
    A topically arranged directory of Internet-based Japan information resources.
  • Japan War Links(167 clicks)
  • Japan: History(145 clicks)
  • Japanese Creation Myth(174 clicks)
  • Japanese History (174 clicks)
  • Japanese Imperialism and the Massacre in Nanjing(139 clicks)
    English translation of a classified Chinese document.
  • Japanese Old Photographs in the Bakumatsu-Meiji Period(155 clicks)
  • Kyoto University Electronic Library(167 clicks)
  • Legacy of a Warlord(132 clicks)
    In Search of Hideyoshi. Photographs and text by John Hart Benson, Jr.
  • Meiji Period, 1868-1912(183 clicks)
    The emperor regained power. This period has to be understood to know modern Japan.
  • Meiji Restoration(140 clicks)
    Virtual exhibition and tour from the Canadian Heritage Information Network
  • NIKKON(185 clicks)
    A Short History of Nippon Kogaku Japan
  • Old Photos of Japan(154 clicks)
    "shows photos of Japan between the 1860s and 1930s."
  • Paradigms Lost: History in the Post-Postwar Era(137 clicks)
    Essay by Carol Gluck. Social Science Japan No.1 July 1994
  • Portsmouth Peace Treaty, 1905-2005(167 clicks)
    The Treaty of Portsmouth of 1905 stands today as one of history's great peace negotiations. It ended the Russo-Japanese War and marked the emergence of a new era of diplomatic negotiations, multi-track diplomacy.
  • Samurai Archives Japanese History Page(169 clicks)
  • Schauwecker's Guide to Japanese History(214 clicks)
    history from the Jomon period to the atomic bomb
  • Songs to Make the Dust Dance: The Ryojin hisho of Twelfth-Century Japan(149 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Yung-Hee Kim
  • Tale of Two Cities(153 clicks)
    How the atomic bomb destroyed the people and cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan.
  • Teaching and Learning About Japan(137 clicks)
    Japanese culture. Lots of images.
  • The Dutch and other foreigners in Nagasaki and Yokohama, 1800-65(145 clicks)
    "This is a digital exhibition of a collection of 40 Japanese woodblock prints published between 1800 and 1865, depicting Dutch traders in Nagasaki. Now extremely rare, at the time of their publication the prints were sold as souvenirs to Japanese who visited Nagasaki and perhaps hoped to catch a glimpse of these strange 'red-haired barbarians'."
  • The Economic History of Japan 1860-Present(153 clicks)
    From Leiden University
    The Institute has become a major center of Japanese historical research, and makes historical sources available through its library, publications, and recently, databases.
  • The Kirishtan Holocaust(138 clicks)
    IN MEMORIAM to the nearly one million indigenous Japanese Christians who were martyred for their faith in the Kirishtan Holocaust over a 250-year period beginning February 5, 1597.
  • Tokyo Life, New York Dreams: Urban Japanese Visions of America, 1890-1924(154 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Mitziko Sawada
  • Treaty of Portsmouth, NH(182 clicks)
    text. The Treaty of Portsmouth, 1905 - September 5, 1905. The Conclusion of the Russo-Japanese War, signed at Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
  • U.S. Army in Post World War II Japan, 1945-52(141 clicks)
  • US-Japanese Trade Relations(143 clicks)
    by E. Vickery Fales. Matthew Perry to the present.
  • Winners in Peace: MacArthur, Yoshida, and Postwar Japan(145 clicks)
    Scholarly book by Richard B. Finn