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  • Angola History(128 clicks)
    Short article plus links from the Electric Library
  • Angola Slave Trade in the Eighteenth Century, 1723-1771(134 clicks)
    "This site provides access to the raw data and documentation which contains information on Angola slave trade in the eighteenth century from 1723-1771. Specifically, the data file contains information on the date ship sailed, name of ship, Brazilian port of arrival, persons (adults and children) shipped, total number of slaves aboard, physical capacity (arqueacao) of the ship."
  • Angola: A Country Study(126 clicks)
    Excellent resource from the Library of Congress
  • Crude Existence: The Politics of Oil in Northern Angola(123 clicks)
  • Factbook: Angola(244 clicks)
    Part of the Central Intelligence Agency series.
  • Secret Cuban Documents on History of African Involvement(112 clicks)
  • The Case of Rafael Marques(105 clicks)
    Journalist thrown in jail by the government for "abuse of the press."