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  • ABD-EL-KADER, amir of Mascara(182 clicks)
    History of the French conquest of Algeria and biography of amir Abd-el-Kader.
  • Algeria and the Paradox of Democracy(218 clicks)
    Nafeez Ahmed . "In December 1991, the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), an Algerian political party, had won national democratic elections, proving to be immensely popular. However, before the parliamentary seats could be taken after January 1992, the Algerian military violently overturned democracy. The parliamentary elections that would have brought the FIS to power were cancelled by the Algerian army. The army rounded up tens of thousands of Muslims who supported the winning party and threw them into concentration camps in the midst of the Sahara, to be tortured and abused.[1] Subsequently, the army took power, democracy was eliminated, and the popular FIS was scattered."
  • Algeria: A Bibliography of Events Since 1991(193 clicks)
    © Cornell University Library, The Middle East & Islamic Studies Bibliographer, 1997 *Last update: 15 March, 2002*
  • Algeria: State and Society in the Global Era(175 clicks)
    Proceedings of a Harvard conference on Monday, 30 April 2001.
  • Algerian Terrorism(173 clicks)
    From: Patterns of Global Terrorism. United States Department of State Publication 10321. Comments on the content of the material should be sent to the U.S. Department of State
  • Islamic Salvation Front(179 clicks)
    English Translation of Communique No. 42 Dated November 14, 1993. The Islamic Salvation Front National Provisional Executive Bureau
  • L'histoire de l'Algérie(154 clicks)
    The history of Algeria through the centuries.
  • Proclamation of the Algerian National Front, Libertation Front, (FLN) November 1954(184 clicks)
    Original document.
  • Proposal for the Establishment of a Native Army in Algeria, 1830(161 clicks)
    Translation of a letter from an unidentified senior French Army Officer to the French Minister for the Navy. The original is in the French National Archives in Paris - ANF Marine BB/4 1016 Dossier: "1830 (expédition d'Alger: Documents Divers)
  • Radical Islam in the Maghreb(168 clicks)
  • The Algerian Nuclear Problem, 1991: Controversy over the Es Salam Nuclear Reactor(174 clicks)
    "1991 Controversy over Algerian Nuclear Reactor Led Washington to Seek Chinese Assistance in Pressing Algiers to Adhere to Nuclear Nonproliferation Goal"